Swollen Members’s Against All Odds Lyrics

Against all odds I worship galvanized gods
Saturn sends serpents hatch from underworld cause
Disguised as associates but I can recognise fraud
Head and nose(?) Brewing brutal hesitant to applaud
I been known to fall flat in my face covered in mud
As the sun turns to darkness the moon turns to blood
Love turns to hate (hate) revenge turns to guilt
I thrive on complements as my confidence is built
Feel the need to abort as assassins extort
My mind frame contort tryin to hold down the fort
Fort knocks despise clocks heart bleeds I plant seeds
Guaranteed my first son, a descendent of a legend
I’m edging towards falling off the face of this earth (why)
Chemical in valets of anger at planted at birth
Hereditary faults more mans complex assaults
And battery and flattery feeds the flame catapults

The odds are against me (against all odds)
The odds are against me (against all odds)
The odds are against me (against all odds)
There’s no chance for this champ

Cold-blooded carnivore
Crush skulls like rancour
Thanks tarnish red
Northwest extraterrestrial
Endangered species
Stole the rams head from skellitore
Predator in a powerful assault stand and manse
A pain from conformity drink from the jugular
Emasculate brain cells bomb loads of regular
Equipped with the hatchet attachment I slay
Break bones and like snap necks like Chun Li with a krumatie
Full contact tracks cracks and amplified cramps
Furious fists flown by the welterweight champ
Vampire and hell fire fuck around and get burned
I’m a deputised regulator courts adjourned
Surrealism laced with enthusiasm
My molecular structure separates your cytoplasm
Muscle spasms increase into uncontrollable knots
Bandits ambushes you and rides my train of thought
Discipline disciples militant massacre
Molesting mediocrity
That’s what were down for
Brainstorm then transformed into an abnormal down fall
Psychopathic psychlone an F-5 twister
Call me mr heat minor I charge the energiser
Run by solar power deviants I devour

The odds are against me (against all odds)
The odds are against me (against all odds)
Definitely against me (against all odds)
No fuckin chance (against all odds)

Mad miraculous
Dominate potency
It’s wonderful smashing impotent mutants
Shootin junk into your veins painful poisonous venom
In every drug body shrugs and laughs when I get in em
Special effects flashbacks are beneficial
Crystal mad deep breath is artificial
Fate intension it releases your species decreases
I lost my marbles, my brains a puzzle with missin pieces
The light is flickerin up stares die alone no one cares
A couple sandwiches short of a picnic
I’m just kickin it (just kickin it)
Sickening kinetically chaotic feel the poetic mastermind blastin by
Barbarian’s barricades artillery ambushed
Awkward ammunition trembling trolls
Take the terrorist transition as I’m holding
Golden fish wish as they once surrounded by piranhas on a mission
Enter the vicious circle a mind-bending action
A magnificent tournament passing out obvious obstacles
That hangs like ornaments
Then brainwashing and reconstructing thoughts like psychology
Articulate aggression, technical terminology
Suffer the consequences of excruciating pain
Absorb ten thousand volts of madness to your brain
Combat the crusader annihilate violators
I’m a strategic and dangerous catapulting culprit

The odds are against me (against all odds)
The odds are against me (against all odds)
His chances are slim (against all odds)
The odds are against me (against all odds)
Hey what’s the fuck wrong with him?