Types of Rabbits in Nigeria

In this article, we’ll be discussing the various breeds of rabbits that can be found in Nigeria. As you read on, you’ll learn about their distinct physical attributes, temperament and other worthwhile information.


The types of rabbits in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

Hyla rabbits are a common breed of rabbits that are popular In Nigeria. They are medium-sized rabbits known for their rapid weight gain. Unlike other medium-sized rabbits, the Hyla breed can reach up to 3kg in just 4 months. This breed of rabbits has more meat-to-bone ratio compared with any other breed. 

The colour of Hyla rabbits is pure white while their eyes are pink. They have a company body type with erect ears that do not exceed 5 inches in length. Aside from being a good source of white meat, this breed of rabbit is also suitable to be kept as a pet. 

  • Dutch Rabbit 

Dutch rabbits are a common type of rabbit breed in Nigeria. Dutch rabbits possess a unique appearance with two colours. These colours include black, blue, chocolate, chocolate steel, brown grey, and blue tortoise. Normally, they will have one of the several standard colours along with white. Their ears are usually dark, and the colour stretched down onto their faces. 

This breed of rabbit is calm, energetic and sociable which makes them suitable as pets. They are also reared for their meat. They can grow up to 1.59kg to 2.50kg. If properly cared for, the Dutch breed can live five to ten years. Their diet includes fresh hay and grasses, along with leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and high-quality pellets.  

  • Flemish Giant Rabbit 

As the name implies, Flemish Giant Rabbits are large. They can reach up to 30 inches long and weigh anywhere from 6kg to 9.9kg on average, with bucks (male rabbits) being larger than does (female rabbits). Apart from the difference in size, bucks are easily identified with their broader heads while does have larger fur-coated skin just below their chins. 

This breed of rabbits has arched-shaped bodies and rounded tails which are covered in thick, glossy fur. There are seven recognized colours of Flemish Giant Rabbits. These are blue, black, light grey, sandy fawn, steel grey and white. The lifespan of this breed of rabbits is eight to ten years if they are properly taken care of. These rabbits are, however, scarce in Nigeria.  

  • Palomino Rabbit

Palomino rabbits are not common in Nigeria. They have a unique appearance, particularly their coat colour. The two colour varieties of this breed of rabbits are golden and lynx. Their sizes vary from medium to large. Fully grown Palomino rabbits can weigh between 3.6kg to 4.5kg. Does are usually heavier than their male counterparts. This type of rabbit is used mainly for meat. 

The recommended food for Palomino rabbits is hay, supplementary pellets and plant shoots. They can live up to eight years with regular veterinary visits. 

  • Chinchilla Rabbit 

The Chinchilla breed is quite rare in Nigeria. They are generally medium-sized and possess a compact body type with erect ears that do not exceed 5 inches in length. Their bodies are covered in soft, rollback fur which does not require lots of grooming. 

This rabbit breed is Chinchilla-coloured, in reference to the colour of the South American rodent called Chinchilla. The under colour of Chinchilla rabbits is a dark slate blue at the base while the top edge is a darker blue with a mix of light grey. The colour of their eyes can be brown, blue-grey, marbled or dark brown. Their lifespan is between five to eight years. 

  • Silver Marten Rabbit 

This breed of rabbits originated in the United States but is now common in Nigeria. They are medium in size and known to possess exceptional soft fur. Silver Marten rabbits come in different colours including chocolate, blue silver, sable and black, but their chins, underbelly, feet, and tails are silver in colour. 

The weight of Silver Marten rabbits ranges from 3kg to 4kg in bucks, and 3kg to 4.1kg in does. They are mostly reared for their meat, however, some people keep them as pets. They are to be fed hay, green leafy vegetables, pellets and fruits, but no meat or dairy. The life expectancy of this breed of rabbits is five to eight years. 

  • Havana Rabbit 

This breed of rabbit is medium in size with a compact body type. They weigh around 3.2kg on average.  Havana rabbits have a short head, short neck, full cheeks and erect ears.  Their eyes are ruby-coloured, while the colour of their coats may be brown, black, blue or chocolate. This breed can live up to eight years. 

  • Harlequin Rabbit 

This is a medium to large breed of rabbits, known to have short, soft and dense coats. Harlequin rabbits have a commercial body type with a round-shaped head. The ears of this breed are of medium length and stand erect on top of the head. This breed of the Harlequin rabbit comes in various colours such as orange, black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. The recommended diet for them is hay and supplementary pellets. Harlequin rabbits have a life span of five to eight years. 

  • English Angora Rabbit 

The English Angora rabbit is one of the four varieties of Angora breed. The English Angora rabbit is one of the smallest types of rabbits, weighing between 2.3kg and 2.7kg. Their body type is compact and their heads are broad and flat with short ears. This rabbit breed comes in a range of colours including white, black, chocolate, blue tort, and chestnut. 

The coat of the English Angora rabbit is thick, woolly and silky, hence requiring regular grooming. Their life span ranges from seven to twelve years if properly fed and given regular medical attention. 

  • Checkered Giant Rabbit 

Checkered Giant Rabbits are large with no maximum weight. They have a hare-like build, that is, slender yet muscular with long and powerful legs. Their heads are very wide with upright and broad ears. This breed of rabbit is mainly used as meat, and sometimes pets.