Arsinoe of Macedon’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

Intro Mother of ptolemy i soter
Is Concubine
From Egypt
Gender female


Spouse: Lagus
Children: Menelaus (son of Lagus)

Arsinoe of Macedonia (Greek: Ἀρσινόη; lived 4th century BC) was the mother of Ptolemy I Soter (323 – 283 BC), king of Egypt.

Arsinoe was originally a concubine of Philip II, king of Macedon, and it is said she was given by Philip to Lagus, a Macedonian nobleman, while she was pregnant with Ptolemy I Soter I, but it is possible that this is a later myth fabricated to glorify the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Ptolemy was regarded by the Macedonians as the son of Philip. Alternately, Ptolemy’s lineage to the Argead dynasty was shifted to Arsinoe in an attempt to legitimize his claim; however, contemporary and modern research indicates this to be a fabrication.