Sarazino’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

Intro Musician
Is Songwriter
From Algeria
Type Music
Gender male

3 March 1970, Constantine, Algeria

Age 50 years
Star sign Pisces
World music

Sarazino (born Lamine Fellah, 3 March 1970 in Constantine, Algeria) is an Algerian musician, songwriter and record producer, who first created the Sarazino project in 1995 while living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Lamine Fellah was raised the son of a career diplomat in Constantine, Algeria. His father’s profession moved Lamine and his family all around the world; they lived in Spain, Switzerland, Burundi and Burkina Faso. At the age of 14, residing in Burkina Faso, Lamine acquired his first drum kit and became interested in writing his own music. His father was assassinated by Islamic radicals in Algeria, and his family was forced into exile.

In 1996, Lamine visited Ecuador; he has since moved to Quito. In 1998, Lamine moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to study economics and political science at the University of Montréal.


  • Mundo Babilón (2003)
  • Ya Foy! (2009)
  • Everyday Salama (2012)
  • Mama Funny Day (2018)

Ya Foy!

Ya Foy! is Sarazino’s 2009 album released on Cumbancha which draws influences from dance and pop styles from North Africa to Latin America. The album features guest performances by Jamaican reggae artist Toots Hibbert of Toots & the Maytals, African singer Revelino and Blanquito Man from the Latin ska-rock band King Chango.

No. Title Length
1. “Iheyo!” 3:07
2. “Iheyo!
Ecos de Radio Iguana”
3. “People” 3:45
4. “Noticias del Enemigo” 4:18
5. “Desbaratado” 3:39
6. “Cochabamba” 3:42
7. “Nadia” 3:48
8. “¿Quien Era Leila?” 3:23
9. “Mundo Babilón 2” 3:24
10. “Machala Woman” 3:28
11. “No Soy Mandela” 3:50
12. “One Big World” 4:33
13. “Fuera de Babilonia” 3:18
14. “On Va Tout Changer” 3:42

Everyday Salama

Everday Salama is a 2012 album released under the independent label Cumbancha. The album blends dub, reggae, African funk, Latin, hip hop and Arabic music. The album features many different collaborations with artists such as: Brazilian Girls, Novalima, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars and more. “”It talks about problems and positivism,” Fellah comments. “Everyone goes through bad things in life, but despite that, we need to maintain a high profile and [keep] our spirits high.””

No. Title Length
1. “El Fugitivo” 4:02
2. “Caminaré Por Babylon” 3:46
3. “Lunes Vudu” 3:55
4. “Es Mi Momento” 3:40
5. “Everyday Salama” 3:48
6. “En Latinoamerica” 3:59
7. “Vagaré (C’est Toi Ma Vie)” 4:27
8. “Es La Vida” 4:12
9. “Quiero” 3:27
10. “Pelo Shao” 3:33
11. “Sigueme Déjalo” 3:27
12. “Malena” 4:02
13. “Contigo Lola” 4:06
14. “Si Nos Descuidamos” 3:47
15. “Africa Viva” 4:50

Samba of the World

In 2014, Fellah collaborated with COPILOT Music and Sound on a cover of Carlinhos Brown’s “Maria Caipirnha (Samba da Bahia)”. The arrangement represented the musical instrumentation and styles of Ecuador for Visa’s “Samba of the World”, a digital campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Mama Funny Day

Mama Funny Day is Sarazino’s third album released on Cumbancha in 2018. The album features a diverse array of guest collaborators including South African artist Zolani Mahola of Freshlyground, Liliana Saumet of Colombian group Bomba Estéreo and Argentinian artist Sol Pereyra.

No. Title Length
1. “La Frecuencia (feat. Sandflower)” 3:37
2. “Mama Funny Day (feat. Black Prince)” 3:52
3. “Frente Latina (feat. Liliana Saumet)” 3:42
4. “Bladi (feat. François Kency)” 3:05
5. “Go Johnny (feat. El Alguacil Dubkilla)” 3:20
6. “Is There A Place (feat. Zolani Mahola)” 2:53
7. “Daddy Ho! (feat. Niyo Pumpin” 3:06
8. “En Zion (feat. Guanaco MC” 3:08
9. “La Cumbia Mala (feat. Guanaco MC)” 2:58
10. “More Bonobos (feat. Blue Melvin)” 3:03
11. “Jugarse La Vida (feat. Anwar Maghreb)” 3:19
12. “Jenjay (feat. Black Prince” 3:52
13. “People (2018 Version) (feat. Toots Hibbert” 3:31
14. “Lucky Day Song (feat. Blue Melvin)” 3:57
15. “Berrani (feat. Sol Pereyra)” 3:27