Stephan Swanson’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

Intro South African biologist
Is Biologist
From South Africa
Type Science
Gender male

16 September 1966, Cape Town

Age 54 years

Stephan Swanson came to prominence as a marine researcher when he successfully placed the satellite transmitter on the famous Great white shark Nicole, the first great white shark ever to be tracked on a 20,000 kilometer migration from South Africa to Australia and back. Due to his ability to handle large marine predators, such as the great white shark, he was contracted as an expedition biologist to travel to Guadeloupe and place satellite transmitters on the dorsal fins of Great Whites. His historical capture and release of a 5m long, 1800 kilogram great white shark is documented in the National Geographic Marine Special “Ultimate Shark”.

Scientific Articles

  • Developing techniques and procedures for large shark telemetry
  • White shark abundance not a causative factor in shark attack incidence
  • White shark cage diving – Cause for concern?
  • Transoceanic migrations of a white shark

Television appearances

  • Ultimate Shark – National Geographic
  • Sharkville – National Geographic
  • Pasella – SABC2