Who Is Andrew Neil Wife Susan Nilsson? Find Their Net Worth

Who Is Andrew Neil Wife Susan Nilsson? Continue reading the article to find out more about his net worth and wife.

Andrew Ferguson is a writer who lives in the United Neil is a journalist and broadcaster from Scotland. He is the chairman of The Spectator and GB News, which will begin publication on June 13th, 2021.

Rupert Murdoch appointed Neil as editor of The Sunday Times in 1983, and he retained the role until 1994.

Who Is Andrew Neil Wife Susan Nilsson?

Susan Nilsson is a celebrity wife from Sweden who works as a Swedish engineer, director of communications, and environmental consultant. Andrew Neil’s wife is her most well-known role.

In 2015, the couple married in the south of France.

Andrew rose to prominence after working as an editor for ‘The Sunday Time’ from 1983 to 1994. He was also the founder of Sky TV and a member of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

He then went on to work for the BBC for another 25 years, fronting shows such as Sunday Politics and This Week on BBC One and Daily Politics, Politics Live, and The Andrew Neil Show on BBC Two.

Andrew Neil And Susan Nilsson Net Worth

According to a popular bio, Andrew Nei has an estimated net worth of $120 million

His company, Glenburn Enterprises, made $9.45 million in revenue in 2015.

On Twitter at the time, he stated that non-BBC work made up 75% of his professional portfolio.

Susan’s net worth is estimated to be at $800,000 USD.

Andrew Neil Wife Susan Nilsson Age Difference 

The age difference between Susan and her husband Andrew Nilsson is of 22 years.

Andre Neil celebrates his birthday every year on May 21. he was born in the year 1949 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. 

Whereas, Susan was born in the year 1972 in Sweden. But sadly, there are no exact details on when she celebrates her birthday.

Further, Andrew Neil has 14 godchildren as of 2006, but no children of his own.