What is the PowerPoint file extension?

The default file format in PowerPoint version 2007 or newer is .pptx. File type. Extension.

When a file is saved in PowerPoint 2010 it creates extension?

pptxBy default, PowerPoint presentations are saved in the . pptx file type. However, there may be times when you need to use another file type, such as a PDF or PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation.

When a file is saved in PowerPoint?

By default, PowerPoint presentations are saved in the .pptx file type. However, there may be times when you need to use another file type, such as a PDF or PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation. It’s easy to export your presentation from PowerPoint in a variety of file types.

What is an extension of a file?

A file extension or file name extension is the ending of a file that helps identify the type of file in operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows. In Microsoft Windows, the file name extension is a period that is often followed by three characters but may also be one, two, or four characters long.

What is the Word file extension?

DOC and . … DOCX are the standard file format of Microsoft Word documents. DOCX files are XML-based DOC files. In newer versions of Word, files are saved as the DOCX format by default.

What happens when a File is saved for the first time?

a copy is automatically printed.

How does save the PowerPoint presentation?

Save your presentation

Click FILE > Save, pick or browse to a folder, type a name for your presentation in the File name box, and click Save. Save your work as you go. Hit Ctrl+S often.

What is the difference between Save and Save As?

The main difference between Save and Save As is that Save helps to update the lastly preserved file with the latest content while Save As helps to store a new file or to store an existing file to a new location with the same name or a different name.

When a file is saved it is saved in?

Saved files are stored in the hard disk in a computer. The hard disk is a data storage device that makes use of magnetic storage for storing and receiving digital information with a magnetic material coated rapidly rotating disk.

What will happen when you want to save a Word file in the very first time Mcq?

For new document you just create and try to save your file for the first time, you’ll see same dialog box, no matter whether you choose Save or Save As! It’s because you have not provided a name, type and saving location yet.

What is a collection of related files called?

A collection of related records form a file. Database as an electronic filing system, organized by fields, records, and files. A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a file is a collection of records. A database is a collection of organized tables.

What exactly happens when you save a document?

Save: When you create or edit a document, you’ll use the Save command to save your changes. … Save As: You’ll use this command to create a copy of a document while keeping the original. When you use Save As, you’ll need to choose a different name and/or location for the copied version.

What is the purpose of saving the file?

Saving a file is critical for editing, preserving, and sharing your work. If the program closes or your computer shuts down unexpectedly while you are using Word, don’t worry. By default, Word automatically saves your work every 10 minutes and will reload that save upon reopening the program.

Is a collection of related files and folders?

A record is a collection of related files and subfolders.

Which option do you select to save an existing document after making the changes with a new name?

Answer: You can click the Save button on the Standard toolbar, use the Ctrl+S or Shift+F12 keyboard shortcut, or choose File, Save. hope it helped.

Is a file a collection of data?

A file is a collection of data stored on mass storage (e.g., disk or tape) Why on mass storage? The data is subdivided into records (e.g., student in- formation). Each record contains a number of fields (e.g., name, GPA). One (or more) field is the key field (e.g., name).

Is the place where all the related files are stored?

Answer: In computing, a directory is a file system cataloging structure which contains references to other computer files, and possibly other directories. On many computers, directories are known as folders, or drawers, analogous to a workbench or the traditional office filing cabinet.