AFL: What Illness Does Matthew Lloyd Have? Health Problems Explored

Matthew Lloyd, a former Australian rules footballer who starred for the Essendon Football Club in the AFL, is currently affected by an eye illness.

Matthew Lloyd is a professional rugby league player who has twice scored over 100 goals in a season. He’s also one of a select number of AFL athletes whose first kick led to a goal.

Lloyd is a fully decorated full-forward who holds the record for being the eighth all-time top goalkicker in AFL/VFL competition.

Three Coleman Trophies as the league’s top goalkicker, AFL life membership, and earning both the Mark of the Year and Goal of the Year accolades are among his achievements.

What Illness Does Matthew Lloyd Have? Health Problems And Sickness

Matthew Lloyd suffers from a condition on the right side of his face that prohibits him from blinking correctly. His health condition is improving in these recent days.

Bell’s palsy is triggered by inflamed or enlarged cranial nerves, while the exact origin is unknown. The disease is usually only temporary and can be treated with oral steroids.

Lloyd is expected to return from his sickness, but he recounted the time he lost control and turned to his wife for aid.

In early February, he was seeing his parents when the illness led him to lose control of his face muscles, he claimed the Herald Sun. Idiopathic facial palsy, often known as Bell’s palsy, is a fading or transitory facial paralysis.

Issues with the nerves around each eye, which control and operate the muscles on that side of the face, as well as behaviors such as winking and laughing, are involved.

Meet Matthew Lloyd’s Wife Lisa-Marie Caparello

Lisa-Marie Caparello, popularly known as the wife of NFL legend Matthew Lloyd, is a well-known TV personality.

She is a well-known American reporter who previously hosted the Fox Footy show Living With Footballers.

Since November 9, 2002, Matthew Lloyd and Lisa-Marie Caparello have been wedded for 19 years. They were childhood sweethearts and are now happily married, going through life together.

The popular American couple share three adorable kids who are named Jaeda Ruby, Kira Grace, and Jacob Matthew.

Lisa’s academic qualifications are unknown, although she is well-educated. She also has a warm and generous nature, as well as a tall stature and a flawless form.

Learn About Matthew Lloyd Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Matthew Lloyd has earned an estimated net worth of over $1 million. 

According to Wikipedia, Lloyd won the 2007 Goal of the Year award for kicking a backheel goal while encircled by defenders in Round 20 of 2007.

He won the 2008 Mark of the Year after a sensational mark over five players in Round 18 against the Melbourne Demons. His performance in that game was his finest since Round 1, 2006.

Matthew smacked Brad Sewell with a hard bump in Round 22, 2009, knocking him out and injuring his face.