Andrew Caldwell Girlfriend Or Wife Name Revealed: Is The ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Actor Married?

Andrew Caldwell is currently in a relationship with his new girlfriend but has not shared his views regarding marriage. Continue reading the article to learn more about the actor. 

Andrew Caldwell is cast in Matrix Resurrections, a science fiction action film produced, co-written, and directed by Lana Wachowski.

He has portrayed the role of Jude in the movie, which was released on December 22, 2021. People love his new appearance in the film.

Andrew Caldwell Girlfriend Or Wife Name: Is He Married?

Andrew Caldwell is not married at the moment. However, he seems to be in a romantic relationship with a girl. He has not revealed his girlfriend’s name, but he did post an intimate photo of them on Instagram.

His new girlfriend stands in front of him, his hand resting on her inner thigh.

It appears like he has deleted the post from Instagram. However, the Shade Room has shared its picture on its page. “Meet my future,” Andrew Caldwell captioned the post with a hashtag of #StillStanding #HardAtWork.”

Nonetheless, aside from a few memes and news, we can’t find any recent posts about his partner on his page.

His gay identity was prominent back then until he revealed his girlfriend to the world. Regardless, some people still questioned the legitimacy of Andrew’s new relationship.

Andrew’s new lady is not the first woman he has claimed to be in a relationship with. In October 2018, he revealed that he was in a recent relationship with a woman.

Andrew Caldwell Meme About “Wear A Mask”

Andrew Caldwell is well-known for his mask meme. He has uploaded an awareness video asking everyone to wear a mask, but it later turned out to be a meme.

People are obsessed with his voice. Some claim to hear Caldwell’s voice still whenever they are asked to wear a mask.

In that video, he requests that people take precautions to prevent the spread of covid, such as wearing masks and washing their hands before sanitizing.

In addition, sanitize your entire house every few days.

It later became popular on social media. Every other person on social media mentions him whenever the topic of masks comes up.

Some have even suggested that he give a similar speech in a location where people are not following the guidelines of covid.

Andrew Caldwell’s Net Worth- How Much He Earns?

Andrew Caldwell has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand, according to Though any official statement regarding his net worth has not been revealed, the actor is believed to earn quite a lot from acting along with his social media page.

He has over 220k followers on Instagram, where he entertains his followers by uploading several memes.

He rose to fame after declaring in a church that he was “delivert” from homosexuality, earning him the name and fame.

You can watch the video here.

He is currently trending for his new project, Matrix Resurrections.