Asaba ZIP Code: The Correct Figures

Historically, Asaba is believed to have derived its origin from a combination of mostly three different ancestral lineages:

Ezeanyanwu: this is yet another settler said to have his origin in the royal line Of Ezechima. Ezechima is regarded as the legendary ancestor of various settlements east of the Niger and its environ. 

The city was founded in 1884. Between the years 1886 and 1900, Asaba hosted the Royal Niger Company; this was set up by the British authorities to enhance trade and the exportation of goods to England. Today, the company has grown into UAC Nigeria PLC.Asaba has an influential history and geography, and a strategic political and economic influence in Nigeria, Asaba is also known as the regional capital of the Anioma area. People have clamoured for the creation of Anioma state for decades.

Asaba is an administrative area established during the time of the Royal Niger Company (now UAC) and is the administrative capital of Delta state. Many Igbos from the East invest in Delta state thus improving the economy of the city and the state in general. 

Asaba is also known for its textile factory, steel mill and aluminium companies. 

The postal codes of Local Government Areas (LGA) and sometimes districts/wards within Delta State vary.

This means that the entire state does not make use of the same postal code. 

The postal codes assigned to the areas within Asaba city apply to the districts, wards within that  Local Government Areas (LGAs) and the streets and locations found in those districts, wards or LGA.

You must know that Postal code, postcode and zip code mean the same thing. It is officially referred to as postal code in Nigeria.

Below is a list of postal codes of areas within the city of Asaba 

Asaba town postal code

  •  Cablepoint — 320213
  • Umuonaje — 320231
  • Isieke — 320232
  • Umueze — 320211
  •  Umuagu — 320233
  • Okpanam Asaba Rd. — 320242
  •  Ezenei — 320212
  • Central Core Area — 320241
  • Overhead Bridge Layout — 320221