Bert Fields Net Worth: How Rich Was The Renowned Entertainment Attorney Before Death?

Bert Fields, an American Lawyer, died at his home. Let’s find out the net worth of the lawyer and how rich he was before his death.

He was an entertainment lawyer who represented multiple film studios and numerous prominent celebrities. The lawyer also lectured in sophisticated schools like Harvard and Standford.

That said, he was a respected personality alumnus of Harvard Law School. He worked with studios such as Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, and other significant actors and actress.

Overall, the attorney accumulated significant worth by winning the case and charging fees for his service. He was a powerful individual in the field of law during the rising controversy in Hollywood.

Bert Fields Net Worth: How Rich Was The Attorney Before Death?

Bert Fields’s net worth was around $10-$20 million before his death. He represented clients such as The Beatles, Warren Beatty, James Cameron, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise.

He was a senior partner at Greenberg Glusker; he used to practice entertainment law.

Fields represented Michael Jackson during his child molestation case in 1993.

He also represented Bob and Harvey Weinstein in their allegations of sexual harassment. The lawyer gifted Harvard Law School $5 million for Bertram Fields Professorship of Law.

He published his book titled Summing Up: A Professional Memoir in 2021, which revealed his practices of entertainment law and the charges of Jackson, Cruise, and other celebrities.

Bert Fields Wife: Who Is She?

The entertainment lawyer married three times. He married his girlfriend from his college, Amy Markson, with whom he had a son.

In 1960, he married an international model Lydia Minevitch, the daughter of musician Borrah Mievitch. Borrah was a client of Fields.

His second wife died after 27 years of marriage due to lung cancer in 1986. Bert was responsible for managing the divorce of her late father, Borrah.

His third wife was art expert Barbara Guggenheim. She was also a client of the attorney Fields. He defended her against Sylvester Stallone, the couple who married in 1991.

Hence, he is survived by his third wife and his kids. The former litigation lawyer died at his home in Malibu, California, at 93.

Bert Fields Family: How Many Children Does He Have?

Bert’s wife, Amy Markson, brought their first and only child into the world. He was James Elder Fields in 1955. His son James graduated from Standford University with Ph.D. in economics.

He completed his studies in law at Wesleyan. The son of an entertainment lawyer practiced law as well. He is also married and blessed with his son Michael Lane Fields born in 1984.

Moreover, Fields also had his granddaughter Annabelle Fields born in 2005. The entertainment lawyer was an accomplished personality who represented different celebrities.

The lawyer was surrounded by Hollywood’s most controversial news and was able to provide the best service to his clients.

The California-based attorney was in love with music. He learned music and practiced various instruments as well. The 93-year-old man was a talented writer who wrote about history, mythology, and his biography.