Christopher Jordan- His Whereabouts Today

Jordan testified as to the state’s key witness against Jones during the murder trial of Paul Howell.

After two days of the murder, Christopher and Julius Jones were named a suspect in the murder case. He was suspected after Ladel King was caught while selling the car and mentioned that Jones and Chris asked him.

The slain businesswoman’s stolen GMC suburban was discovered parked outside of a supermarket.

He testified as to the prosecution’s star witness against Jones during the trial. He then accepted a plea bargain, claiming to be only a getaway driver, and served 15 years in prison.

His current whereabouts are inavailable as of now, as he is out of all social media sites.

Where Is Julius Jones Accomplice in 2021?

Christopher Jordan’s accomplice, Julius Jones, scheduled death sentence for the 1999 murder of Paul Howell was commuted just hours before his execution on Thursday, according to the Oklahoma governor’s office.

Jones appeared before the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board in early November to make his case for clemency. According to local NBC affiliate station KFOR-TV, he told the board, “I am not the person responsible for taking Mr. Howell’s life.”

Despite his repeated denials of the murder, he was sentenced to death. Instead, he has stated that Christopher Jordan is to blame.

He keeps on adding that he was not present during the robbery and was unaware of the murder.

According to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s statement, after continuous pray and consideration and review of materials presented by all parties, in the case, Judge has determined to commute Julius Jones’ sentence to life imprisonment.

Christopher Jordan And His Family Whereabouts

Nothing is known about his personal life. Furthermore, no information about his family has been released by the police.

We could not discover whether he is married and has a family of his own or is single.