Details On The Cop Henrique Otavio Oliviera Velozo Who Is Suspected of Killing Leandro Lo

Leandro Lo, a 33-year-old jiu-jitsu champion, was shot dead early on Sunday while watching a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Additionally, according to Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting, who cited the news source G1 and a police report quoted by Combate, the accused is allegedly policeman Henrique Otavio Oliviera Velozo.

According to the information, Lo and Police Officer Henrique Velozo got into a fight during which Lo was allegedly killed.

The sportsman and his mates had gone to the upscale Club Sirio on the outskirts of Sao Paulo early on August 7, 2022, to watch a prominent musical performance at a party at which Leandro was murdered.

Who Is Henrique Velozo? Leandro Lo Shooting Suspect

Henrique Velozo is named as the suspect in the murder of a jiu-jitsu champion player. After the incident, Lo was taken to the hospital where he was declared brain dead by the doctor.

Currently employed by the Sao Paulo Military Police, Velozo is a policeman. Prior to beginning his ten years as a police officer, he changed employment more than six times. Additionally, Velozo has identified himself as a specialist in self-defense methods. While simultaneously taking on one of the additional positions of Trainer and Personal Fighter at the time, he also instructs at the Military Police Training School.

As the investigative committee has not yet located Velozo, he continues to be a suspect. A civil police officer requested the suspect’s preventative custody by the time he was recognized as the gunman. As per the initial investigation by the police, Velozo and Lo got into a fight before Lo was shot dead. Witnesses told the police and media that Velozo proceeded to take the bottle from Lo’s table, but Lo abruptly grabbed the cop and detained him for an unspecified reason.

Leandro is one of the best players and athletes and is also an eight-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion. He holds various records in his name, including the title at the World Cup and the Pan American Championship. From 2011 to 2013, Leandro also maintained an unbeaten winning streak at the Copa Podio. He was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The champion died unexpectedly at the age of 33 years old. The athlete, who was born on May 11th, 1989, was shot in the forehead and passed away while being rushed to the hospital.

Henrique Velozo Age, Wife And Family

The officer who has been serving as the Lieutenant for the Sao Paulo Military Police is 30 years old. He has spent many years residing in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Velozo promptly erased all of his social media accounts after the incident. Although there are some screenshots of his Instagram postings online, there is no information on his family. A lot of people are searching online for information on Velozo’s family as more people across the world become aware of the case.

In a press statement, the police can provide more details about Velozo’s identity and the members of his family. Before joining the military police, he held numerous jobs. Like the victim, Leandro Lo, Velozo may have been born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Likewise, the victim’s family is receiving condolences and well wishes. The incident’s shockwaves may have divided the family members. Many people have offered their condolences to Leandro Lo’s family. The police have also been asked to conduct a thorough investigation and identify the true perpetrator.

Is Henrique Velozo Arrested? Mugshot And Facebook

The perpetrator has not yet been found, and police are still searching for him. As per witnesses and police records, Lieutenant Velozo was named as the suspect in the athlete’s murder. The alleged police officer fled the area, and the Vila Clementino 16th Police District received a report of the assault with a deadly weapon.

The Sao Paulo Court of Justice has ordered the temporary detention of Velozo, the suspect in Leandro Lo’s murder. All members of the investigative team are now unable to reach Velozo, but the search is still ongoing. The primary suspect in the murder is Velozo, a military police officer.

The actual cause of the athlete’s passing has sparked the curiosity of many. Lo has a huge global fan base, and they are calling for Velozo’s arrest. Police are still on it in accordance with the complaint made and the direction from the Sao Paulo Court.

All of Velozo’s internet media platforms have been erased and deactivated. Online resources include screenshots of his images.