Details On Yinka Bokinni’s Surgery: Learn Everything About Capital XTRA Host

There are several rumors regarding Yinka Bokinni and her surgeries for changing her body, but there is no proof of it. 

Yinka Bokinni is an English journalist and radio show host who is widely recognized as the ambassador of BHF and the host of Capital XTRA. 

Yinka is one of the talented and prettiest radio hosts and journalists in England, and she has a lot of fans and followers currently. 

Also, if someone showed the picture of Yinka Bokinni, then the first guess will possibly be a model or an actress because people are fans of her beauty as well as talent. 

As a brand ambassador of the British Heart Foundation (BHF), she has gained a lot of popularity from the social world too. 

Also, with a youtube channel, Yinka Bokinni has gained more viewers ever for her shows as well as social fame. 

Hence, people are very interested in finding out about her personal as well as professional life. 

Indeed, concern regarding her surgeries, age, Wikipedia, boyfriend, and related matters are rising and are currently at their peak. 

Yinka Bokinni Surgery

There are several rumors and claims regarding Yinka Bokinni’s surgery, but there is no evidence of it yet. 

Yinka is rumored to have had several surgeries on her body for breast enlargement, lips changing, and others. 

However, she has never revealed that she has had surgery, and neither is there any certain proof or evidence that would confirm this. 

Yinka Bokinni Age And Wikipedia

The age of renowned radio show host and journalist Yinka Bokinni is 32 years old now. 

Yinka was born on 16 February 1989 in the United Kingdom. 

Yinka was born to an Irish mother and a Nigerian father, and they started living in England before Yinka was born. 

Also, Yinka’s parents have given birth to 6 children, so she has 5 siblings. 

Moreover, Yinka Bokinni is not mentioned on Wikipedia yet, despite being a famous journalist, radio show host, and media personality. 

She studied law but later decided to join broadcast journalism to continue her passion for singing and broadcasts. 

Hence, she started working at RinseFM as a volunteer. Later, she moved to The Breakfast Show. 

Yinka Bokinni Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

The question regarding Yinka Bokinni’s boyfriend is a pretty complex one and is not properly answered by her. 

A few years ago, in 2018, she appeared on a Tinder date with a guy named Sheik, and they dated for some time, as per the reports. 

However, there is no information on if they are still together or not. 

Interestingly, in an interview sometime after the tinder date, she revealed her daily routine. 

She said that she wakes up and gives a kiss to her boyfriend, but she did not mention his name. Also, she revealed that he ex-boyfriend was 6 feet and 8 inches tall. 

Hence it seems like she does not keep her life excessively private that she won’t talk about her relationships, but not that open so that people could find out her partner. 

Yinka Bokinni Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Yinka Bokinni has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million. 

Indeed, as per sources like Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, she is one of the richest radio hosts in England.