Does CZN Burak Ozdemir Have Brain Tumor? Illness And Health Update On The Famous Turkish Chef

CZN Burak Ozdemir has been rumored to have a brain tumor. This rumor started to circulate around the media after the star chef uploaded a picture of him in a hospital gown.

In this article, let’s find out more about the chef and his health condition.

Ozdemir came into the limelight because of his unique way of cooking various Turkish and Syrian cuisine. His videos are uploaded on various social media, which became instantly viral and people started to circulate videos because of their awesome content.

Although he is based in Turkey and Dubai, he has fans all over the world, who connected with him through social media sites. He is a star chef with millions of fans across the world, who love his enthusiastic cooking technique.

Does CZN Burak Ozdemir Have Brain Tumor?

As per the rumor, the famous social media star chef has a brain tumor. However, this news has not been verified by any sources close to the star or the star himself, so its authenticity of it is not certain.

However, it is true that the chef is ill and is admitted to the hospital. He made this announcement via his social media account to the public. However, he did not explain what exactly happened to him.

People are worried for him and have taken over social media to wish him to get well soon. Burak’s Instagram is filled with posts wishing him a speedy recovery and good health by people across the globe.

CZN Burak Ozdemir Illness And Hospital Update

Burak told his fans about him being ill via his social media accounts. He uploaded a picture of himself in a hospital gown on his Instagram and he also uploaded a video on TikTok.

People got worried for him after they saw he has written on his TikTok an emotional video where he has written remember me if I am gone and a video of him helping refugees.

No update has come since that last video about his health status. However, it can be expected that there will be some kind of update from the chef or his closed one soon.

CZN Burak Ozdemir Wife And Net Worth

CZN has been reported to be unmarried. He is very furtive regarding his personal information, so there is no information on whether he is seeing someone or not.

He has been estimated to be worth more than $11 million. He garnered his wealth with his successful career as a chef. He is active on Instagram under the handle name red beet with more than 34 million followers.

He is massive on social media and has been recognized by various mainstream media across the world.