How Old Is Deirdre Mullins? Age Of ‘The Christmas Ball’ Actress Revealed

Middle-aged Deirdre Mullins is an Irish actress who has been the winner of the Scottish BAFTA for her movie Dark Mile as the best actress.

Apart from being an actress, Deirdre Mullins is a television producer, documentary maker, travel writer, and activist who is a yoga lover. She has been an actor in top movies like Holy Water and The Dark Mile.

Mount Temple Comprehensive School, situated in Clontarf, Ireland, enlightened her with primary education, where she remained a top student. Likewise, she went to Trinity College in Dublin for her drama and theatre courses.

She happens to be a student of anthropology and English literature from the University of St. Andrews. The year of her graduation was 2006. Similarly, the beginning of her career happened from the series Man Down on Channel 4.

How Old Is Deirdre Mullins?

Deirdre Mullins must be above 35 years old. Since she graduated in the year 2006, it’s been almost 15 years of her graduation. There’s no doubt that an average individual would graduate in their early twenties.

Her exact date of birth is not mentioned on the web. However, she has been active in her acting career since 2009.

Deirdre Mullins Husband

Deirdre Mullins is happily married to her husband. Since she keeps her personal life to herself, he has not been declared as her husband yet. But two of them are indeed head over heels in love with each other.

Deirdre Mullins Parents

Deirdre Mullins was born to her parents Bono and Ali Hewson, in Dublin. She grew up with her siblings, one of which is Denise Gough.

Although she was born in Dublin, she grew up in Stoneybatter, a nearby city to Dublin located in the northside, and then migrated to Howth at the age of 10.

Deirdre Mullins Nationality

Deirdre Mullins has an Irish nationality. Since she was born and grew up in different cities of Ireland, she happens to hold Irish citizenship.

Even though she moved to London for her career growth, she has not forgotten her roots as she mentions Dublin as her home in her Insta bio.

Deirdre Mullins On Instagram

Deirdre Mullins has 1,429 followers, 2,096 followings, and 978 posts o her Instagram.

She calls herself a non-practicing nurse.

She has been an adventure lover and nature explorer for most years of her life.

Her Instagram feeds are full of her beautiful pictures in lakes and mountains. The incredible bond with her life partner can be seen there, who she never misses her posts.