How Old Is Jacob Romero? Age Of ‘Straw Hats’ Revealed

The core cast for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece has been cast. Jacob Romero Gibson, Iaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Emily Rudd, and Taz Skylar have joined the live-action cast of this pirate adventure.

Here’s a breakdown of the One Piece live-action cast. Iaki Godoy will play monkey D. Luffy.

Similarly, Mackenyu will be playing Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd will play Nami. Additionally, Jacob Romero will play Usopp, and Taz Skylar will play Sanji.

Tomorrow Studios and Shueisha, the publisher of One Piece, collaborated on the 10-episode series. In addition, cowboy Bebop, another live-action Netflix series adaptation of a renowned manga property, is also produced by Tomorrow Studios.

How Old is Jacob Romero? Details on his Age and Wikipedia Explored

Jacob Romero Gibson’s exact age is yet to be identified. However, by the looks of his Instagram account, he appears to be in his early 20s.

On the other hand, Jacob appears to stand 5 feet 8 inches tall (172 cm) and weighs approximately 145 lbs (66 kg).

Jacob is drawn into and acquires skills in Martial Arts, Poetry, Video Editing, Yoga, Climbing, Track and Field, Rapping/ MC, HipHop, Writing, Dancing, playing Piano, Football, and Acting techniques.

We are yet to learn more about his parents and their bio.

As for his Educational background, Jacob completed his schooling at the California Institute of the Arts: specializing in Acting Scene Analysis, Voice, Yoga, Gesture, and many more.

Jacob has done a voiceover for the Butter Ya’ Self project as Nana Splitz. He has also worked in the music sector, focused on two projects: Good Peoplez- FLYGHT and Pure Vida.

Additionally, Jacob has played in films like Drive-By Night as Ray and The Interpreter as Richie.

Details on Jacob Romero Role in the Netflix Series One Piece

The characters are all members of the Straw Hat Pirates, the series’ heroes.

“One Piece” is based on the classic manga of the same name and follows Luffy, a young man, to become the pirate king and discover the legendary “One Piece” treasure.

Netflix purchased ten episodes of the show back in January. To date, 20 seasons of the “One Piece” anime series have been released, as well as 14 animated films, in addition to the manga.

What is Jacob Romero Net Worth?

Jacob Romero’s exact estimation of his Net Worth is yet to be analyzed as a rising star. He may have a net worth of $100,000 or more.

As for what we have noticed, Jacob Romero enjoys the little beauty of mother nature. His Instagram posts depict how much he adores the simple yet intriguing things of mother earth.

He appears to be highly down-to-earth and as a person who holds high gratitude for life. Jacob frequently posts motivational quotes to his followers and radiates his positivity to all.

Does Jacob Romero have an Instagram?

Jacob Romero Gibson has an Instagram account.

His handle name is @bookofjacob. He has over 26.9 thousand followers with 353 posts.

His handle name already adapts to the role he will be playing on One Piece, Ussop.