Is Cecilia Vega Pregnant With Husband Ricardo Jimenez In 2022? Fans Suspect Baby Bump!

Cecilia posted a look-alike pregnancy test kit on her Instagram photo, which might have raised rumors about her motherhood. However, the photo was described as a flu test by the Journalist.

ABC News chief White House correspondent and Emmy Award-winning anchor Cecilia Vega is not pregnant but was sick because of Flu.

She posted a photo on her Instagram which looked like a pregnancy test kit but instead, it was captioned a FLU testing kit by the reporter.

Is Cecilia Vega Pregnant With Husband Ricardo Jimenez In 2022?

Cecilia Vega is not pregnant with her husband, Ricardo Jimenez. The couple has not revealed anything about their journey of being pregnant on social media.

Furthermore, she has been suffering from COVID-19 and doesn’t indicate being pregnant. She wrote, “Welp. Thought I was immune. But alas. Two and a half years in, it finally caught me. Thankful for science and the best nurse husband there ever was- @ricardozjimenez.”

Moreover, thanking her husband for his help in difficult times, she added, “He made his mom’s chicken soup and bought the entire cold and flu aisle when I sent him for a simple cough drop run. And to return the favor, I gave him the bug. True love. @thejaliscojimenez is officially over both of us.”

Cecilia is a journalist for All ABC News programs, including “Good Morning America,” World News Tonight with David Muir,” Nightline,” and “20/20.”

Since President Joe Biden won the 2020 election, Vega has been in charge of ABC’sABC’s White House coverage. Her discussions with the president and members of his administration have garnered media attention on various topics, including the economy, COVID-19, and relations with Russia.

Vega broke the news and forced the administration to face complex issues about the rise in migration, the treatment of children in detention centers, and the severing of families.

What Are The Facts On Cecilia Vega’sVega’s Baby Bump Or Weight Gain?

Cecilia Vega has gained weight but is not pregnant in these difficult times. She had to be bedridden due to COVID for a week.

The Journalist Vega is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. She resides in Washington, D.C., with her energetic Boston Terrier, Jalisco, and her husband, Ricardo.

In 2011, Vega began working for ABC News as a journalist located in Los Angeles.

Her work has led her to almost every state and worldwide, where she has covered important projects and historical events like the Olympics and a papal conclave.

Vega visited the disaster area after the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, dressed in protective gear and twice entered the contaminated power station.

In the Sea of Cortez, Vega petted whales after taking a submersible to the bottom of the Arctic. Cecilia has spoken with everyone, including world leaders and celebrities.