Is Gianno Caldwell Gay? Fox News Journalist Wife Amid Sexuality Rumors

American journalist Gianno Caldwell is a political commentator for Fox News. Let’s find the fact related to rumors of Gianno Caldwell being gay.

Before joining Fox News, he was a Special Correspondent for Extratv and a Contributor at NameThe Hill. In addition to being a podcast host and novelist, Gianno Caldwell is the sworn enemy of PC culture.

Caldwell formerly held the director of government relations for Naperville Township, a local government organization in Illinois.

His primary duty was to develop cost-cutting strategies for the transportation, healthcare, taxes, pensions, and local government sectors.

Is Gianno Caldwell Gay?

Many rumors arose related to Gianno Caldwell’s sexuality. But there is no official confirmation that he is gay. We will be updating the information soon after it is verified.

Before leading the African American Outreach for the DuPage County Republican Party, Illinois’ most significant Republican county party.

He spent seven years working for the Social Security Administration. He participated in Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign as a volunteer.

About Gianno Caldwell Wife And Age Gap

Caldwell has kept his marital status and his romances private. Whether he is now single, in a relationship, or both is unknown. Their age gap and other details are also hidden behind the curtains.

Caldwell earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Chicago State University. He also holds a Grand Canyon University Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

While serving in this capacity, he pushed successfully for a reduction in the property tax rates for the whole of Naperville Township.

Insights On Gianno Caldwell Family

Caldwell was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 27, 1986. His parents’ previous lives are unknown.

However, we know his mother’s name is Mamma B, and his younger brother Christian was tragically shot. From 2005 to 2009, he graduated from Chicago State University.

Gianno Caldwell’s younger brother, who was shot and died with two other victims, was a teenager around 18.

His younger brother Christian was there with the gathering of persons at the time of the incident when an unidentified male individual opened fire and escaped in a black car traveling east, according to the police.

Find Gianno Caldwell’s Net Worth

Caldwell has held several roles since beginning his career, all of which have added to his riches.

According to reliable sources, Caldwell’s net worth has reportedly been pegged at $2 million. 

The projected average income for a FOX News Political News Analyst, according to, is between $41k and $45k.

He is the proprietor of his own self-made company and a political commentator for Fox News. He previously worked for the Social Security Administration for over five years at the start of his career.

Gianno Caldwell Biography

As a Political Analyst for FOX News Channel (FNC), Caldwell currently contributes political, financial, and cultural analysis to the network’s shows. He joined the network in 2017.

A bipartisan public affairs and government relations organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C., Caldwell is the founder of Caldwell Strategic Consulting and the host of the iHeartRadio podcast Outloud with Gianno Caldwell.

In addition to his work with FNC, Gianno Caldwell is the founder of Caldwell Strategic Consulting, a Washington, D.C.-based bipartisan public affairs and government relations business.

He is the host of the iHeartRadio podcast Outloud with Gianno Caldwell. “Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Reclaim the Americans Liberalism Failed to Recover” is another book by him.

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