Is Kyara Villa Found? Missing Case Update – What Happened To Her?

Netizens are concerned if the missing girl Kyara Villa is found or not. She went missing on 23 June 2020 after giving her Regents exam in Manhattan.

Kyara Villa is a teenager and a high school student who has been missing for days. There is a growing concern for her since she disappeared after her Regents exams on Thursday.

Villa was last seen near The High School of Fashion Industries on the morning of 23 June. Her school is located at 225 West 24th Street in Manhattan.

Kyara’s parents are continuously searching for her but she is nowhere to be found. Hopefully, she will soon be discovered and returned to her family.

Is Kyara Villa Found? Missing Case Update

New York’s missing girl, Kyara Villa is not yet found but NYPD is doing its best to locate her.

She disappeared after appearing on her Regents exams at The High School of Fashion Industries. She was last seen around 8:46 a.m near her school as per Pix11.

Villa’s parents contacted the NYPD on the same day she went missing. The authorities along with the public have searched for Villa for the past 2 days.

However, Kyara has not been found nor has she come in contact with her family. Everyone is panicking since she is a teenager and has been away for days.

We will update you about her as soon as the investigation concludes. Meanwhile, if you have any information about the case, you can contact the active Detective Doorville at 718-590-5537 or the NYPD at 718-293-8311.

Kyara Villa Age & Photos- How Old Is She?

Kyara Villa is a teenager and she is aged 15 years only.

Her birthday facts are obscure but her pictures are available on the internet. She has a slim build with a height of 5 feet and a weight of around 45 kg.

Villa’s photos are circulated by the NYPD and netizens on social media. Also, her mother, Crystal has posted her pictures on social media sites like Instagram.

Kyara has brown hair, twinkling brown eyes, and wears spectacles. She was last seen in beige sweatshirts and pink pants in Manhattan, New York.

NY Missing Girl- Kyara Villa Parents Details

Bronx missing girl, Kyara Villa’s parents are heavily worried about their missing teenage child.

Her father, Tommy Villa, and her mother, Crystal Espaillat are doing everything to find her. They are launching search campaigns and helping the detectives at their best.

Crystal has taken the issue to Instagram and has been asking for help from her followers. She shared a post on 24 June 2022 after two days after her child’s disappearance.

Espaillat urged everyone to look for Villa and inform her if they find her. She uploaded another post on 25 June appealing to her daughter to come back home as if she left them on purpose.

Despite her attempts to find Kyara and try to bring her back, she has not found success.

Did Kyara Villa Have Boyfriend?

Kyara Villa does not seem to have a boyfriend and the authorities have not found a trace of it as well.

However, her mother heard her talking to a boy in the December of 2021. Since Crystal did not allow social media, Villa might have broke ties with the mysterious boy.

Until now, the authorities have not reported any foul play in Kyara’s case. That is why everyone is thinking that she left her parents on purpose since they were strict toward her.

Nevertheless, Villa is still a minor, and her parents have her custody once she is found.