Is Sofia Hublitz Boyfriend David Gagliardi? Ozark Season 4 Cast Net Worth Age And Instagram

Sofia Hublitz is an actress dating her boyfriend, David Gagliardi and, speculation is going on about whether they are together or not. 

Sofia Hublitz is an actress from America known for her role in the upcoming Netflix series, Ozark Season 4 Part 1 premiered on the platform on January 21.

Ozark is a thriller Netflix series that first premiered in 2017 and, due to the craze of the series, there were more seasons added to it. The series is ending with season 4 and, its first part has been released while its second part release date is yet to be announced by Netflix.

Is Ozark Season 4 Cast Sofia Hublitz Boyfriend David Gagliardi?

The Ozark Season 4 actress, Sofia Hublitz is quite not active on social media, due to which it is not sure that her boyfriend is David Gagliardi or not. The pair were rumored to be dating each other when she wished David him on his birthday in 2019.

There were speculations that they dated each other from 2017 but, there is no solid evidence to make the statement concrete. But a picture was kept by one of her fan accounts on Instagram where both Sofia and David are together. The picture is a kind of mirror selfie.

In the picture, it also seems that they have attended an event as Sophie is in a dress while David is in a black suit.

David Gagliardi is a musician who plays guitar in the band Trash Talk. He is seen playing with his bandmates and going on a band tour. But he has not posted any picture with Sofie on his Instagram feed.

Sofia Hublitz Age-How Old Is She?

Sofia Hublitz is 22 years old. She was born on June 01, 1999, in Richmond, Virginia. Her father is Keiran Lawrence Gaughan, while her mother is Sosie Hublitz.

But sadly, her father died in May 2018 and, she mourned and expressed her sadness on the demise of her beloved father. Her mother is an artist and has worked as a set dresser for various movies.

Sofia’s mother left the film industry and dived into cooking which made her fascinated to cook as well, due to which she has participated in Masterchef Junior.

Sofia Hublitz Instagram And Net Worth 2022

Sofia Hublitz does not seem to be active on Instagram and, it seems she has deleted her account. But many fan accounts on Instagram are present. Her fan accounts keep information about her recent projects up to date.

The net worth of Sofia Hublitz is estimated to be about $500,000 but with the ongoing projects and future projects, her net worth will surely increase in 2022.