Jimmy Cater Funeral Plans: Is Jimmy Carter Dying?

At a church service in 2019, former president Jimmy Carter declared that he was “at ease with death.” He was 95.

Carter, who is now 98, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and claimed he believed he would “die very rapidly.” After receiving experimental therapy, he entered remission. Eight years later, he received hospice care.

Jimmy Cater Funeral Plans: Is Jimmy Carter Dying?

Jimmy Carter, a former president, has no fear of dying. His views on dying, which he offered after escaping a dire cancer diagnosis, provide insight into how the oldest living former president feels about end-of-life care.

The then-95-year-old stated during a church service in late 2019 that he believed he would “die very fast” after discovering he had cancer in 2015 and that it had already gone to his brain.

“I obviously prayed about it. I didn’t ask God to let me live, but I asked God to give me a proper attitude toward death. And I found that I was absolutely and completely at ease with death,” Carter stated in 2019, according to CNN.

He remarked again: “It didn’t really matter to me whether I died or lived. Except I was going to miss my family and miss the work at the Carter Center, and miss teaching your Sunday school service sometimes, and so forth. All those delightful things.”

Following “a succession of brief hospital admissions,” the 98-year-old decided to switch from getting medical treatment to hospice care on Saturday, February 18, 2023, according to a statement from the Carter Center. He “has the full support of his family and his medical staff.”