Korean Firm C&P Sports Group Supports Nicky Candy In His Chelsea Bid Value, Here Is What We Know About Them

Korean Firm C&P Sports, along with British dealer Nick Candy are also betting for the famous Football club, Chelsea. Please scroll to learn more about them. 

The C&P Sports Limited group of South Korea also declares an interest in Chelsea as its bidding deadline closes in. The sports management company is trying to deliver their country’s first-ever European club.

The company is partnering with the British Luxury Property developer Nick Candy and is together against 26 other groups who are willing to get ownership of the club.

What Is Korean Firm C&P Sports Group Net Worth in 2022?

C&P Sports Limited, a South Korean sports management organization, has not revealed its net worth to the public. However, the company is interested in the Chelsea Football Club, and the whose projected price is $7.35 billion.

The company has Catalina & Partners was founded by the company’s CEO herself in 2013. In today’s day, the sports management firm is empowering people and helping them get off the list of unemployment.

C&P is not only limited to South Korea but has expanded its branch to Europe as well. The company proclaims itself as a team focusing on the Sports and Media industries.

Nevertheless, the company also has its own football academy for the youths. We can further learn about the company on their website.

Explore Korean Firm C&P Sports Group Nick Candy Chelsea Bid Value

According to Sky news, C&P Sports Group and property developer Nick Candy are lining up to take the bid for Chelsea Football Club. Nick is one of the front-runners to buy the club.

Besides these two parties, another South Korean group, Hana Financial Group, is also tagging along with Candy and C&P Sports to place their bid. Finally, there are parties from all over the world to place their bids.

Parties from Saudi Arabia, Britain, Ghana, Turkey, and the US are willing to buy the Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

Find C&P Sports Group CEO Catalina Kim’s Net Worth

C&P Sports Group CEO is Catalina Kim, also the founder of the company, whose estimated net worth is millions of dollars. According to a source, she has wealth near to $10 million mark. However, there is no first-hand information about it.

As seen in the social media handle description of the CEO of C&S Sports, she is a football agent. Additionally, she has also written a book, “Agent Lady,” which is regarded as best selling.