List of Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria

What are Youth empowerment programs?

Youth Empowerment programs are funded programs which Nigerians enrol into for the aim of manpower and human capacity development. Unarguably, unemployment is one of the biggest economic problems in Nigeria. Therefore, in order to achieve economic growth and social development, the skill sets and knowledge of the people must be harnessed. In spite of the common problem of unemployment, various bodies and organizations have come up with initiatives to promote skill development and provide opportunities for the Nigerian youth to contribute to National development. This is a way of encouraging youths in the society towards entrepreneurship and good service public sector.

Here is a list of Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria 2019 (updated)

List of Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria


This program was created by the Federal Government to tackle the problem of youth unemployment. The goal of the N-power program is large-scale skill development. This program was initiated by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016.

The N-power program is closely associated with the policies of the federal government in the area of the economy, development and employment.

The organization provides a centre where Nigerians can acquire new skills or improve on existing ones so as make them capable of functioning in the insufficient public services of the nation or being entrepreneurs themselves. This will, in turn, improve the economy of the nation. N-power boasts of over 200,000 beneficiaries. The N-power programme provides three main platforms which are N-Power volunteers, N-Power Knowledge and N-Power build.

The N-Power Volunteer Corp engages trained graduates to assist in improving the inadequacies in the public services such as education, health and civic education, agriculture,

N- power build trains youths to be competent in the technology industry while N-power knowledge aims at diversification n of knowledge in the technology and creative industries. The N-Power program is a paid one with duration of 2-years. The N-power program requires candidates to be within the age range of 18-35 years. There are also various tests and examinations that must be passed before admission into the programme.


Application form for the N- Power program is obtained via the N-power website. There, you can decide on which of the programs you want to participate in. Fill in the necessary information and then submit.

Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI)   

The Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is an indigenous, Nigerian-run Non-governmental Organization. The initiative aims at encouraging Nigerian youths to develop businesses and goes on to provide them with the essential skills needed for jobs.

YEDI was founded in 2011 as an offshoot of the Grass root soccer model (GRS), which is a South African initiative aimed at reducing HIV prevalence and stigmatization in the country. The GRS methodology is based on training young people to become mentors and use sport themed activities in educating the masses. YEDI expanded to other areas such as Nigeria and uses innovations which are tested, trusted and adaptable in its new setting. Thereby, enlightening, empowering Nigerian youths and communities.

The program records over 170,000 graduates in more than 600 schools who have been  trained and enlighten the masses in key areas such as Health, Sexual and Reproductive health, Peer pressure, HIV counselling and Testing etc


YouWin is a youth development programme which was launched at the presidential villa during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan. YouWin is an acronym representing the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria.

This programme is an initiative of the federal ministry of finance which aims to support young entrepreneurs by financing their businesses.

Selected individuals are granted equity funding by the federal government. Equity funding is one in which the government invests in a business and takes a share in the business until it grows to full capacity and the government is bought out. This is so the government can invest this money in another person. For a person to be able to participate, one must have a business plan for a company that will be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. Selection of awardees is based on the viability of one’s business plan.

The program is a joint product of four ministries from the Federal Republic of Nigeria namely; Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communication and Technology, Ministry of Youth Development and the Ministry of Women Affairs.

Phases of the YouWin initiative

The first stage entails registration online in which qualified applicants are shortlisted after a review. The next phase entails online training on various aspects of entrepreneurship such as access to markets, business strategies, access to finances etc. After this, another selection is made whereby 5,000 successful candidates would participate in a master class that major in specific industries. These industries include information & communication technology, agriculture/agro-processing, fashion, manufacturing & retail and construction. The third phase entails the submission of a business plan by the participant.


In order to apply for the Youth, visit their official website and fill in the necessary information. Your application process will be confirmed and all you will have to do is wait to be contacted.

Graduate Internship Scheme

The Graduate Internships scheme is a component of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Program (SURE-P). The GIS program was founded and is run by the federal government. It came into operation in October 2012. This program aims at creating opportunities for eligible graduates to work as interns from pre-selected higher institutions in good firms whether in the private or public sector. This is to enhance manpower development so as to attain the Transformation Agenda and Vision 2020

The Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS) will have a goal of employing up to 50,000 youth across the 36 states so as to ensure that their skills have been well developed and can be useful in the short/medium/long term plans of the nation. The GIS program runs through a year wherein the skills of the graduates are expected to be sharpened.

Application process

The application process for Graduate internship scheme is always done via the registration portal and it involves filling an application form and submitting same.