Masters Degree in USA: How to Enroll From Nigeria

The United States is one of the best places to get educated. Education in the United States at any level is of top quality. Many of the universities in the United States are among the best universities in the world.  These schools are improving by the day and you can be sure of top education quality if you apply for master’s degree program in any of these schools.

The requirements are not too stringent and they are things you can easily meet up to. It is also not so difficult to apply for these courses right here in Nigeria.

You can apply to these schools right online. You can equally choose to be an online or offline student. Both forms of U.S education offer top quality and top standard.  You need to first decide on the school and the course you want to pursue during your master’s degree program.

All the information you need to apply successfully can be obtained on the website of the school. There are many educational agencies across Nigeria that can help you with the application process, but truth of the matter is you do not need any of these agents; the admission process is so simple that you can complete it by yourself.

Application procedures

You can get the admission form for the master’s degree program on the website of the school you have chosen. You need to fill the form and submit online while attaching all required documents. Some schools may require that you print out the form, fill it by hand and mail it to them via airmail.

Many schools on the other hand allow you to fill the form and just submit online. You will have to indicate your interest in applying to the school and also request for the application form from the school before you are able to fill it. The admission form can be requested via email, air mail or by downloading it on the school’s website.


Any candidate desiring to apply for master’s degree program in the United States is expected to possess certificate having equivalence with the four-year bachelor’s degree that obtains in the United States.

This means the aspiring student must have completed up to 16 years of formal education.  The course of study must also correlate with the master’s degree program the student desires to study in the United States.

There are times the university in which you are applying may consider your professional certificates for admission. If you have obtained any professional certificate aside your bachelor’s degree certificate, you can include it with application; this can brighten your chance of getting the admission.

Note that not all universities give such concession to professional certificates. You should find out about what individual universities demand when applying.

Application requirements

Most schools in the United States will consider your past academic record before they can offer you admission. The information they need is contained in your transcript. Students with poor academic performance may therefore suffer in this regard.

The aspiring student is expected to have First Class or Second Class Upper in order to gain admission for master’s degree program in the United States. There is no standardized policy regarding requirements; consequently, some schools may accept Second Class Lower. Make your research about each of these schools before you apply.

The certificates and grades you submit during application is taken through screenings and they are graded according to the marking and evaluation systems obtainable in the particular school. They make use of Grade Point Average and base it on 5 points.

Your transcript must also be provided when applying.  You do not need to bother about other transcript aside the ones obtained in the university.  The transcript can be scanned to the university or it can be sealed in an envelope and sent via airmail.

In most instances, the U.S University will demand that the transcript be sent directly by your former school authority to the U.S. University.  There are times you will be required to provide several copies of the transcript, all sealed in envelops and sent via airmail.

The aspiring student is required to sit for and pass English proficiency tests before he/she can be granted admission to study for master’s degree program in the United States. The university may expect the student to sit for GMAT or GRE. They may also require the aspiring student to sit for other exams, like TSE, TWE or TOEFL.

In actual fact, all international students are required to sit for TOEFL.  The student is required to score minimum of 230 in computer-based test or 570 in paper-based test in order to be granted admission.

If you plan to apply for teaching assistantship in the U.S university, you are required to sit for TSE. It will help you get teaching job while studying fort master’s degree program.

GMAT is important for those seeking to study any management related course at graduate level.  Any other course different from management require the student to sit for GRE.  If you are seeking admission into a law school for graduate course, you are expected to sit for LSAT.

Those seeking admission for master’s degree program in medical college will have to sit for USMLE.

Before you can apply for certain master’s degree program courses, you will be required to possess working experience in that particular field. This is so with quite a number of vocational and professional courses, especially information-related courses.

Your resume must be well detailed too in order o be considered for admission.  All information regarding your professional work experience must be included in it. You must also include letter of recommendation along with your application documents.

The letter must be written and signed by a professional that knows you very well or has been your teacher during undergraduate program in Nigeria.

You should also include your statement of purpose to tell the university authorities why you should be granted admission into their institution; this should be written by you.