Connerjack Oswalt Parents: Who Are Suzanne Flint And Gerald Flint?

Connerjack Oswalkt’s ancestors immigrated from Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, in the United States. In California, he was reared by his mother, Suzanne Flint, and stepfather, Gerald Flint.

Connerjack Oswalt just reunited with his parents after nearly three years away from his family’s home in Lake County.

The Oswalt family spent years searching for their son, scouring social media, handing out leaflets, and hunting down dead ends. His parents even searched for him in Idaho Falls, where he was born, hoping that he would return.

When Was Connerjack Oswalt Missing? 

Connerjack Oswalt was discovered alive in a Utah convenience store after being lost for three years in northern California, a distance of more than 700 miles.

On April 9, Sheriff’s deputies came to a petrol station in the greater Park City region after a “concerned community member” reported spotting the man sleeping there, according to the officer’s Facebook post. Salt Lake City is only around a 40-minute drive away.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the man was offered to sit inside one of their vehicles to warm up and began investigating who he was. Connerjack Oswalt, 19, was discovered shivering at the gas station by authorities.

Was Connerjack Oswalt Autistic?

There is no information indicating that Connerjack Oswalt is autistic. Autism is characterized as difficulty in comprehending how others think or feel. And find bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, distressing, or unsettling.

Connerjack Oswalt’s family is ready to welcome him back home as soon as possible. Following Connerjack’s reunification with his parents, Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright reported that social activities knowledgeable about autism took over his care.