Meet Jason Saab’s Parents: Alysia Saab And Pierre Saab’s Family Life

Australian professional rugby league footballer, Jason Saab’s parents, are Alysia and Pierre Saab.

Australian rugby player Jason Saab plays professionally as a winger for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles in the NRL (National Rugby League).

He had previously represented the St. George Illawarra Dragons in this league. Similarly, he recently grabbed the show after scoring a full go-around and twice rescuing his team and the Sea Eagles.

In addition, when he was younger, he played rugby for the Merrylands Rams in the Parramatta Rugby League.

  • Jason Saab parent’s names are Alysia and Pierre Saab.
  • Jason Saab’s ethnicity is said to be Lebanese.
  • Jason Saab has two younger siblings.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth October 8, 2000
Age 21 years old
Nationality Australian
Father Pierre Saab
Mother Alysia Saab
Siblings 2
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Height 1.99m
Weight 101 kg

Who Are Jason Saab’s Parents, Alysia And Pierre Saab?

Pierre Saab, the father of Jason Saab, And his mother, Alysia Saab, are ecstatic with the success of their son’s career and rising renown. Likewise, his selection to the national team has made them very content.

He was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian mother and a Nigerian father, while Pierre Saab, his stepfather, is Lebanese. We still don’t know his biological father’s name or any other personal information.

The Australian rugby league footballer’s parents, Alissa and Pierce Saab, are well known. As a result, they do not currently have their own Wikipedia domain.

Similar to this, Alisia and Pierre’s exact ages are not currently listed anywhere online. They both appear to be in their mid-to-late-forties, though.

On the other hand, rugby player for the national squad Jason Saab has a Wikipedia entry. However, Wikipedia doesn’t have much information on his professional and personal life.

Additionally, the identities of Jason’s two younger brothers are not listed on the internet. We can view his parents’ photos on other websites.

What Is Jason Saab’s Ethnicity?

Jason Saab’s ethnicity is said to be Lebanese. Saab will turn 21 this year, 2022, and is currently 20 years old.

On October 8, 2000, he was born in Newtown, New South Wales. Jason is also of Indigenous Australian and Nigerian origin on his parents’ side.

Saab is a young, talented athlete who has all the necessary qualities to succeed and consistently play in the NRL. Jason is a towering 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 101 kg.

In addition, Jason plays with incredible quickness and takes advantage of his height to perform some impressive aerial moves. Being a family man, Jason believes that if you have the support of your family, you can accomplish anything in life.

Australian by birth, Saab is incredibly happy to be an Australian. His accomplishments have made his family and friends proud, and her family continues to pray for a better future for him.

Who Are Jason Saab’s Siblings?

Jason Saab’s family also includes two younger siblings. His family will support him and be beside him during his forthcoming contests.

Since his siblings are young children, he hasn’t disclosed many facts about them out of concern for their safety. Jason has been a great big brother and genuinely loves his siblings.

The siblings of Jason were greatly influenced by him and aspired to be successful athletes like Jason when they grew up. They are a happy family, and Jason can be seen spending time with his siblings and sharing some of his knowledge with them about rudgy.

Talking about Saab’s personal life, he doesn’t appear to be married or dating anyone. He is not seen posting or discussing details about his relationship on his official Instagram account, @jasonsaab.

Jason has exclusively shared information about his family and game-related content on his social media pages, such as Instagram and Facebook. He actually appears to be a private individual who prefers to keep his romantic relationships under wraps.


What nationality Is Jason Saab?

Saab was born in Newtown, New South Wales, and has Native Australian and Nigerian ancestry.

How Old Is Jason Saab?

Jason was born on October 8, 2000, and he is 21 years old.

How Tall is Jason Saab?

Jason Saab is 1.99m tall.