Mississippi gunman Richard Crum who killed 6, including ex-wife ‘mentally ill’: source

The Mississippi man whose furious shooting binge left six individuals dead Friday, including his ex and stepfather, had a background marked by dysfunctional behavior and “snapped” before the slaughter, The Post has learned. An individual near the shooter, Richard Crum, 52, told The Post that the executioner “has been deranged for what seems like forever.”

The person, who mentioned secrecy and didn’t indicate the shooter’s condition, said Crum was on handicap and had been taking medicine to monitor his problem. “He just at last snapped,” they said, adding, “Dysfunctional behavior is something serious.”

Furnished with shotgun and two handguns, Crum moved throughout the little rustic town of Arkabutla on a ridiculous frenzy Friday morning, Tate Province Sheriff Brad Spear said. Arkabutla, which has a populace of 285, is around 30 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee.

In the wake of maneuvering into a general store parking garage around 11 a.m., Crum purportedly terminated into the truck close to him, killing Chris Eugene Boyce, 59, of Lakeland, Florida, who had been sitting in the vehicle with his brother, Doug.

Doug, got away from safe by going through a few close by woods, Boyce’s auntie, Norma Washington, said that the brothers were visiting Mississippi to assist with repairing property they had acquired from their late uncle.

“I lost my brother, and presently this one,” Washington said. “This has been something different.” Crum next headed to the home of his ex, Debra Crum, where he lethally shot her and went after her ongoing spouse, George Drane.

The couple had recently gotten back from a specialist visit where Debra, who as of late experienced a stroke, was being dealt with, neighborhood news station WMC revealed.

“I grappled with him, and I lost, as may be obvious,” Drane, whose was head enveloped by wraps, told WMC as he retaliated tears. “We had a decent day at the specialist’s office. We ate some soup when we returned home and we planned to go into town.”

Crum then, at that point, burst into an adjoining home and supposedly killed his stepfather, George McCain, 73, and stepfather’s sister Lynda, 78.

Police ultimately captured Crum beyond his home, where they found two additional bodies killed by gunfire — one in the street, and one more in a vehicle. The departed were recognized as Charles Manuel, 76, and John Rorie, 59, as per Appointee Tate Province Coroner Ernie Lentz.