Nana Mahazan Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Instagram, Interview

Nana Mahazan Biography

Nana Mahazan (Nurul Hana Binti Che Mahazan) is a Malaysian singer, actress, television host, radio presenter and singer born on 1st July 1983 in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. She competed in the first season of Akademi Fantasia coming in seventh position. 

She used to write a column called ‘Bicara Nana’ which means Nana’s Discussion in Harian Metro on Sundays. Nana appeared in a Soy Talk advertisement and as of 2012 she was the product’s ambassador. She was a popular DJ at one of Malaysia’s most popular radio stations, In 2004, she hosted an Era segment called ‘Petang di Era'([email protected]) with Seelan Paul. She extended her contract with Era from 2005 to 2006, and hosted [email protected] with Adi and various segments including ‘Carta Era'(Era Charts) with Aznil.

Nana Mahazan Age

  • Nana was born on 1st July 1983 in Muar, Johor, Malaysia (35 years as at 2018)

Nana Mahazan Husband

On 6th June 2009 she married Mohamed Raqeem Brian Abdullah, he is of Indian-Chinese parentage from Kuching, a manager of radio station.

Nana said that she first recognised Brian while she was working at ERA,

‘At the time I was still working at ERA and Brian was the Program Manager at Mix FM. We already had never talked before. I remember the first time talking with him in the elevator, and then we both use braces, so from there we get to know each other’s heartd. My distance and Brian are nine years old. That time, I was only 26 years iold. Maybe dating and age phase is just nice coat to settle down. Alhamdulillah, for me, if all our good intentions will be simplified.’

Nana Mahazan Wedding

nana mahazan wedding

Nana Mahazan Children

She has two children Althea and Aaqib.

nana mahazan children

Nana Mahazan Television

Year Title Role TV channel Notes
2003 Akademi Fantasia 1 (Episode 3,4 and 7) Herself Astro Ria
Akademi Fantasia Raya 2003 Herself/singer Astro Ria
2004 Akademi Fantasia 2 Herself/guest Astro Ria Special Appearance
N/A Dua Dunia Herself/guest Astro Ria
2017 Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadhan Herself/guest TV1

Nana Mahazan

Nana Mahazan Films

Year Title Role Notes
2005 Gangster N/A
2009 Maut N/A Cameo appearance
Sifu & Tongga Host Programmes Pelik Tapi Benar Special appearance

Nana Mahazan Instagram

Nana Mahazan Interview – Tech talk with Nana Mahazan

Interviewer: What do you make of the way we incorporate technology in our lives?

Nana Mahazan: WiFi-enabled gadgets have empowered us so much that going online has become an integral part of our lifestyle.

Take social media, for instance. It’s almost hard to see anyone not fussing over it. I personally don’t have much grievance over social media because it helps me coordinate and empower my life in so many ways.

Apart from being a communication tool, I use it as a source for fitness and motivational inspirations. I love following accounts that advocate healthy and positive living. Some of my favourite social media users include Anllela Sagra and Tammy Hembrow.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on today’s new generation of digital natives?

Nana Mahazan: Those who are born into the digital era are more tech-enabled (obviously) as compared to the generations before them.

It can cause severe anxiety to some because of how open going digital or being online can be with criticisms coming from all directions.

Suffice to say that even the industry that I am in is more brutal now because of the available Internet tools.

But the majority of our young ones have a can-do attitude when faced with the challenges and opportunities that social media brings. Somehow they can turn something negative around. I guess it all boils down to them gaining public attention either way.

That said, I do agree that society today are too preoccupied with their virtual presence.

Interviewer: Do you think that technology has blurred the lines of talent in the industry you are in?

Nana Mahazan: That’s quite hard to say. I believe that technology actually helps groom and nurture talent. In fact, it has also broadened the boundaries of what is considered “talent”.

But of course, being naturally gifted (regardless whether it’s acting, hosting, singing etc) is definitely something that is still highly sought after (because it guarantees authenticity) and it helps you sustain your career in the long run.

Honestly, there is only so much these tech-aids can help you do.

Interviewer: What are the kind of traits that a person needs to go digital?

Nana Mahazan: Optimism and (above all else) self-awareness. In this day and age, you have to extra self-aware because information/news spread like wildfire. You really have to be extra aware with your actions because anything can go viral.

Interviewer: Can you live a day being disconnected with the online world?

Nana Mahazan: Why not? It’s really a matter of personal choice. Sometimes it’s great to unplug and unwind even for a few hours.

In fact, I am actually looking forward to the coming Aidilfitri celebration because with the delicious food and company, putting my phone away won’t be much of a problem!