Paniz Zade Wikipedia- Her Age Details 

Paniz Zade’s age might be between 25-35. 

However, Paniz exact date of birth is not mentioned on Wikipedia. 

If you happened to run into her on the street and struck up a casual conversation with her, you’d think she was born and raised in New York City or Los Angeles.

Her high-fashion sense and sensibilities make you think she was born into a wealthy American family and found her way into the entertainment industry through nepotism and a lack of financial concerns, as most do.

You’d be wrong if you believed these things about her, as most people do. But don’t feel bad about being taken advantage of. By virtue, she’s a very talented chameleon.

Her true story is that she was born in Tehran and moved to Canada when she was ten years old.

Her parents were determined to provide their two daughters with every opportunity the world had to offer.

They were tough, it wasn’t easy for them, hardworking, and deeply loved one another, and as a result, they succeeded, and their daughters thrived.

Her sister works for EA Sports FIFA as a Developmental Director, NBD- “It’s in the game.”

Paniz Zade Boyfriend Details 

Paniz Zade’s boyfriend’s name is Ryan Bruce. 

Paniz and Ryan have been together for a very long time. Ryan Bruce is a storyteller, and he loves adventure, according to his Instagram bio. 

Both of them keeps on sharing a lot of pictured together on their social handles. 

However, they look pleased with each other. 

There is no detailed information on the internet regarding her boyfriend; we will update you more on this section if we know more about it. 

Paniz Zade Net Worth Revealed

Paniz Zade’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. 

However, like other celebrities, she has not disclosed her exact net worth on the internet. 

She is a fantastic actress who has amassed a sizable fortune through her career and endorsements.

Paniz graduated from SFU with a BA in Communications and Poli-Sci. She describes herself as a foodie, a hobby chef, and an animal lover.

She’s a highly skilled and experienced Actor who’s studied under the best and worked on far too many projects to list here.