PGA Tour 2K23 swing timing can be enhanced by reducing the distance by 1 to 2 feet from the set target and focus on hitting the perfect power shot. 

The biggest challenge while streaming in PGA Tour 2K23 is being good with putting. Putting well is usually the main things to avoiding bogeys or getting eagles or birdies.

One of the tip for measuring the putt distances and angles is to first look at the terrain or condition of the golf course. If there is a big downhill slope, the ball will roll sharply to the left or right more.

If the slope of the golf course is uphill, it should be a lot easier to measure the angle of the putt. Moreover, if the course is flat, it should be the easiest pull you could ever ask for. 

There are some scenario where fades or draws are better which will be another tip. The most important thing to remeber is that adding spin to the ball will make your swing timing a lot harder. 

3 Click Swing In PGA 2K23

3-click swing in PGA 2k23 is a great thing to have in the game but users were prefer to play with the usual swing style. If TGC tours allows it and it becomes meta, everyone would likely be forced to switch over to use it to have any chance to compete. 

Not only that but many fighting games have 1-button auto-combos these days, online games let people choose legacy instead of stick controls, and it had zero effect. Play with friends and do not worry how other people are playing or improve your game and deal with it.

Some users may need the 3-click mechanism if they have severe arthritis or other mobility issues and you can not expect them to be sectioned off or otherwise eliminated from general competition. If the game is unbalanced or lagged, that is a developer problem.

Furthermore, there will now be an option to use a traditional 3-click swing instead of the default analog stick motion. The function was the default option for online golf games of the late ’90s and early 2000s, and still is for arcade-style golf games.

The 3-click swing in a game works as described as given below: 

First Click

  • Firstly, hold down A/X button to the desired power
  • Then, time the release as it nears the power circle (exceeding will cause an overpowered shot, let go too early and it is an underpowered shot).

Second Click

  • A green dot will move counterclockwise from the bottom of the circle.
  • Tap button to determine the swing path

Third Click

  • Tap button as it reaches the bottom hash marks.
  • This determines an open or closed club face. 

This above mentioned difficulty setting will change the swing speed of the meter. 

The 3-Click Swing offers a simpler, more accessible alternative to the traditional analogue stick swing. It is especially the good options for beginners of the 2k23 which provides a quick and easy way to get into the game.

Crazy Courses PGA 2K23

Crazy courses PGA 2K23 includes 420 Crazy Golf 7’s, Skull Island, Mars Outpost 18, Ruins At Pharaoh Valley, The Highlands and Hounds Tooth Point. 

The course developers has provided the gaming community with the ability to create some of the most challenging, ridiculous, crazy and hilarious courses imaginable. 

From fictional fantasy golf locations to courses with holes that are a mile long, there are plenty of interesting golf courses to explore in 2K23. 

This type of crazy courses are one of the main reasons for the game’s huge success. Some courses are funny in their own way and others are so tough they will force people to rage quit. 

Users who are looking for the new funniest online golf courses to try out with friends should give the following user created courses a try. The below mentioned list will focus on some of the highest rated and craziest courses avaiable to all online streamers. 

  • Hounds Tooth Point
  • Musk’s Mission To Mars
  • Ruins At Pharaoh Valley
  • The Highlands
  • 420 Crazy Golf 7’s
  • Skull Island
  • Mars Outpost 18
  • Sam’s Crazy Golf
  • Dystopian (Redux)
  • McFear’s Quarry Course
  • BD’s Silly Seven
  • BD’s Goose’s Nemesis
  • The Gates Of Mordor

Best Swing Input For PGA 2K23

Best swing input for PGA 2K23 are Greensman, Powerhouse, Rhythm, Sculptor and Woodsman. 

For the beginners who are new to the The Golf Club/PGA Tour 2K franchise, starting off with Rhythm is not a bad idea as this is probably the most balanced archetype and it makes your ability to swing the club a little easier. 

The user friendly features of the game to swing naturally with the analog stick makes its long awaited return.

Furthermore, this year marks the PGA 2K’s franchise debut of a new swing option called the 3-Click Swing to add some interesting update to level up the gameplay experience. 

PGA 2k23 users thinks the 3-click is a lifesaver for them who can not swing with the stick because of hand tremors. The timing of the 3-click swing can be every bit as challenging as the alignment and tempo on the stick. 

There is one of the most significant changes in the online golf game PGA Tour 2K23 is the new swing system.

PGA 2k23 users who prefer the classic analog swing stick will be able to stick with it, but the game will also have the option of a new 3-click swing system.

This new feature is much more precise according to the developers of the game HB Studios. 

The Online gamers and streamers will be able to hold down X button on PlayStation or A button on Xbox and time its release close to the power circle using the new swing system. 

Then, long press the shortcut button (Playstation or Xbox ) to determine the swing path. Finally, press it again to determine whether it will be an open or a closed clubface.

PGA 2k23 Swing Calibration Reset

The PGA 2k23 swing calibration is a kind of update on the Xbox which makes the game pretty much unplaybale .

Users can update multiple swing calibrations until found the right tempo for the perfect gameplay. Here is the complete process of swing calibration reset:

  1. Exit PGA 2K23
  2. From main menu, press start button on PGA 2k23 and go to the manage game setting.
  3. Delete all saved data from the system.
  4. Go to Xbox settings, then go to network settings. Remove internet cable from PC (or switch off your router).
  5. Go to Xbox settings, then go to power settings. Select full shot down.
  6. Power on Xbox(Restart PC) 
  7. Start PGA 2k23 online game. If you have done everything correctly, the tutorial should start like you are playing game for first time.
  8. After you get back into the main menu, close down the game.
  9. Go to Xbox settings, network settings. Plug back in the internet cable (or switch on router).
  10. Start steam and switch to ‘online’ mode
  11. Wait 30 seconds. Return to PGA 2k23 and select go online.