Queen Of Hearts: Was The Singer Jewel Ever Poor And Homeless?

Queen of Hearts is rumored to be the singer, Jewel. 

In an earlier hint. the contestant said that it was tough for her at home and had to leave her home at times when she was young. 

But Jewel was never poor or homeless. She used to live in Alaska where her family had a 770-acre homestead. So, it would be absolutely absurd of her to say that she was homeless. 

However, the accent of both the Queen Of Hearts and Jewel is pretty similar though. So, it is quite understandable why people would suspect to be her.

Queen Of Hearts Identity Revealed: Who Is She?

Queen Of Hearts’ identity is yet to be revealed and it will probably be revealed tonight. 

Many people that the singer is none other than Jewel Kilcher. However, social media fans have their own suspicion. Some suspect her to be Wynona Judd while a few think that she is Kellie Pickler. 

We will inform you of more details as soon as the identity is revealed. 

Jewel Family And Parents

Jewel comes from a family of famous actors and celebrities. 

Her father, Attila Kuno Kilcher is known for the Discovery show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Her mother is Lenedra Kilcher. 

Moving on to her siblings, she has three brothers. They live together in Alaska and have featured in the Discovery show themselves. Also, actress Q’orianka Kilcher is her cousin. 

Queen Of Hearts Wikipedia Bio And More

Queen Of Hearts probably has a Wikipedia bio but her identity is unknown. 

However, there are several hints for knowing her identity, if one is smart enough. The hints are: 

  1. Wizard of Oz-themed clue package with Tin Man featured in it
  2. Says she “left home” when she was “pretty young” and that it was “definitely scary at times”
  3. A framed photo of Hillary Swank with “BFF” under it