Ricko Dewilde Has Five Children And A Huge Family With Rona Vent

Ricko DeWilde children are Simone DeWilde, Skarlett DeWilde, Maya DeWilde, Skyler DeWilde and Keenan DeWilde. The family live in Fairbanks with their mother Rona Vent.

DeWilde is one of the main cast members of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero, but he is more than just a reality television star. Ricko is also a native American rights activist and an entrepreneur with a successful clothing line called Hydz. 

Ricko does not transverse the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness with his family like other stars Chip Hailstone. He keeps his kids and their mother in the comfort of Fairbanks city and often wanders off to the wild alone.

He finds the fast-paced city life uncomfortable, reports Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

He was born and grew up in the Koyukuk region with his thirteen siblings, he spent his first 18 years of life in the region. His parents raised all 14 brothers and sisters in a cabin about 100 miles away from a small town called Huslia.

Ricko found the town with 275 people fast-paced when he visited it as a kid.

DeWilde is now trying to find a balance between his love for wilderness and the modern lifestyle in Fairbanks where he lives with his family.

Ricko DeWilde Has Five Kids

Ricko DeWilde children live in Fairbanks with their mother Rona Vent. DeWilde is eager to pass down the tradition of hunting and gathering to his three daughters and two sons.

DeWilde has three daughters Simone, Skarlett, and Maya, and two sons Skyler and Keenan. Simone is the oldest among the siblings and Maya is the youngest one. 

Simone DeWilde

Simone DeWilde is the eldest of five siblings. 

The 18-year-old was born on June 5, 2004, to her parents Ricko and Rona. She has already graduated high school in Fairbanks and might be attending college in the area. Simone played basketball during her high school years and might have continued her athletic career. 

Simone is found on Instagram with her username @sdewilde_. She boasts 832 followers on her Instagram profile and has made 6 posts on her picture-sharing social media account. 

Skyler Blue DeWilde

Skyler Blue DeWilde is the second oldest of five siblings.

The 12-year-old celebrates his birthday on June 15 every year, according to Reality Titbit. However, despite being of such a tender age, he has already taken some of the responsibilities off his father’s shoulders like handling the chainsaws. 

As the eldest son in the family, Skyler often accompanies his father Ricko on hunting trips. The father and son duo went for a moose hunting session last year to gather their meat supply for the winter. Their video is available on Natgeotv’s Instagram account. 

Skyler has also helped Ricko bag other big games in the past. Unlike his elder sister, Skyler does not have a public social media account. He does have a part-time job as a model for his father’s apparel company Hydz. The company shared a Facebook post showing Skyler wearing the new arrivals. 

Skarlett Haze DeWilde

Skarlett Haze DeWilde comes third in descending order.

She is Simone, Skyler’s younger sister, and Maya and Kennan’s older sister. Unfortunately, her age and date of birth have not come to the limelight yet. Ricko has not shared images and videos of her birthday celebration on his Instagram account.

Scarlett has already embraced her native American tradition of hunting and has started practicing shooting. Rico shared an image on his Instagram account of the father-daughter bonding time where Haze was seen using a .410 rifle.

Keenan Nulitna DeWilde

Keenan Nulitna DeWilde is the youngest son among the siblings.

Ricko’s youngest son Keenan is about eight or nine years old as of 2023, judging by his images available online. However, his age also remains under wraps as of now. 

He accompanies Ricko and his elder siblings on hunting expeditions into the sub-zero unforgiving deep Alaskan wilderness. Ricko was also seen teaching his youngest son to navigate a boat through the chilling rivers in Alaska in an Instagram post shared in 2018.

Maya DeWilde

Maya DeWilde is the youngest child of Ricko DeWilde. 

Maya is 6 years old and celebrates her birthday on January 10 every year. The youngest sibling had a huge pink-themed party for her 5th birthday last year.

Despite being the youngest of all, Ricko has not left her behind in teaching the necessary skills needed to survive the Alaskan wilderness. In a video clip shared by National Geographic on Instagram, Ricko is seen teaching Maya to look for bait in the mud before going fishing. 

She is often found together with Keenan, the brother-sister duo almost seems like twins and remains close to one another most of the time.

Is Ricko DeWilde Married To Rona Vent?

It is unclear if Ricko DeWilde is married to Rona Vent. Ricko and Rona share five children together.

Distractify explains Ricko and Rona have not confirmed anything about tying the wedding knot to one another despite sharing five kids together.

Ricko DeWilde wife is unknown as he has not confirmed anything about getting married.

However, the Life Below Zero star is with his partner for at least two decades because that is about the age of their eldest daughter together. Although they might not have said I do in front of family and friends, they are well in a meretricious relationship. 

Rona is also no stranger to the struggles of sub-zero temperatures and the Alaskan wilderness. She was born and raised along the Koyukuk and Yukon rivers and belongs to Alaska native Athabascan group just like her beau Ricko. 

She is also a very good hunter and has carried her people’s traditions forward. Ricko shared an Instagram post thanking Rona for her excellent shooting and for the big fat moose that was on their way home. 

According to Reality Titbit, Rona prefers to keep herself away from the limelight. She does not make much of public appearances on the show with her partner and kids. She does not have a public social media account to provide updates on her daily life to her followers. 

Ricko DeWilde Grew Up In A Huge Family

Ricko DeWilde parents are Lloyd and Amelia. Lloyd moved to Alaska from San Francisco and Amelia was born and raised in Alaska.

DeWilde family had 15 siblings and parents making the total number of members 17. Ricko and his siblings were raised in a log cabin along the Koyukuk which was made on family efforts. 

Ricko shared an Instagram post revealing his family’s struggles when he was a child. He and his 14 siblings lived in a log cabin with no modern insulation. They had moss in between the logs to keep the inside warm and had limited blankets for the nights.

He also added, their mother Amelia would wake up in the night and throw every piece of available snow pants and other warm clothes on top of the kids to try to keep them warm through the night. 

Ricko was homeschooled along with his siblings, he received formal education only from his high school years just like all of his siblings. He has lived in Alaska his entire life except for one college year. 

DeWilde siblings still gather sometimes and celebrate family traditions and occasions. Their parents are long gone but the kids gather to cherish their life together. Ricko shared an Instagram post where many of them gathered to celebrate their eldest brother Norvin’s birthday in 2019.

He has also shared several posts about his sister Selina who makes native American crafts and sells them on her Facebook page. Selina specializes in making wolf and grizzled claw necklaces.