Who Is 314_Jas On Twitter? 

314_Jas is a Twitter account that uploaded the video in which, Cinnamon, Hitman Holla’s girlfriend, was shot.

Unfortunately, both the video and the account are taken down from Twitter. Speaking of the shooting incident, Cinnamon was home alone when the invasion happened. 

And the casualty was, she faced a bullet that went straight through her cheek and exited from the back of her head.

Fortunately, she is fine now, but the situation back then was critical.

Somebody Exposed Hitmanholla & Wife Cinnamon Shot

The video by 314_Jas is supposed to expose the fatality of Cinnamon during the invasion but, the content is no more available on the Internet.

There are several videos on YouTube describing the particular event but, none of them include the video of her getting shot.

Even Hitman Holla and Cinnamon personally have made numerous videos relating to the event and thanked everyone for their love and support.

Twitter 314_Jas Real Name Discovered

The real name of 314_Jas is unavailable at the moment.

In a short period, the user deleted his account from Twitter. So, consequently, the user is now out of the discoverable zone.

There may be chances for the video to get uploaded again. But for now, there is no way of finding it out.

314_Jas Face and Identity Reveal

The Twitter user 314_Jas has not done a face reveal. 

It certainly was a fake account created with the motive to upload the video. And after the completion of the intention, 314_Jas swiped away the user account.

Hence, neither is there a user nor face reveal.