UFC: Does Blagoy Ivanov Have A Hole In Chest? His Scar Photos Exposed

Does Blagoy Ivanov Have A Hole In Chest? The scar on his chest is one of the life-changing moments in his life that could nearly end his career.

Blagoy Ivanov is a Bulgarian pound-to-pound fighter who competes in the Heavyweight division. The UFC fighter is a master in Bulgarian MMA and is a professional Sambo practitioner.

Blagoy was seen in action with Marcos Rogério de Lima on the UFC 274 and was the judged winner. However, fans took slight notice of the scar on the chest. Now, the queries about his condition are viral on the internet.

Does The UFC Fighter Blagoy Ivanov Have A Hole And Scar In his Chest?

Yes, Blagoy Ivanov has a hole in his chest after getting in a physical scene in front of a bar.

However, the medical profession has covered the hole, leaving a dark scar on his chest. The fighter was in a medically induced coma for three months. He has no vision for the first three months after the incident.

One of the first questions asked by Blagoy to the doctors was, “Can I fight?”. Receiving the answer no was hard for the athlete who has been passionate about the sport for so long.

He had lost more than 100 pounds and could not walk properly. However, Blagoy focused on his rehabilitation and could walk properly after two weeks. He took a U-turn and focused on his fighting career.

The victory against Marcos Rogério de Lima in the UFC 274 means a lot for the fighter. The expression of the fighter in the octagon was something enjoyable to watch.

His Scar And Surgery Details: How Did The Incident Occur?

Blagoy has a scar on his chest due to a brawl with a group of 10 men outside a bar. The athlete was stabbed right through the chest with a 12-inch blade.

In an interview with ESPN, Blagoy didn’t feel the pain and only felt the hot blood-soaked in his white shirt. He was rushed to the hospital, and his memory came only after three months of the surgery.

The knife cut the bottom part of the fighter’s heart, penetrating the myocardium and pericardium. His physician told the media that Blagoy has a lung infection, and it is hard for him to represent his MMA skills.

Blagoy was in the intensive care unit and had a 6-hour long surgery. After he was declared stabilized, his lung infection was a concern. He was once again put into a medically induced coma to treat his lung, which became successful.

The scars on his chest remind him of his incident and determine his journey as one of the future title contenders of the Heavyweight division on UFC.

Take A Look At Blagoy Ivanov’s Scars From His Instagram

The UFC fighter, Blagoy’s inspiring story can be found on his official Instagram account, @blagoyivanovmma.

The verified user has more than 36K followers on his profile. Blagoy uses his social media engagement to promote his fight to the global audience. Besides that, he likes to share behind the scene footage of his UFC life.

Bagoy is a truly inspiring story every youth needs to hear. People worldwide are passing the wave of congratulations to the fighter on social media.