USA Visa Renewal In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Do you know what are the k1 visa income requirements? Do you have an expired USA Visa and probably wondering how to go about your USA visa renewal in Nigeria? Here is a step by step guide to renew your USA visa.

First, you need to know if and when you are eligible for a USA visa renewal. Visa renewal is only applicable to you if you have are reapplying for a visa in the same category as your expired visa. For instance, if you hold an expired H-1 work visa, you cannot renew it for a visit visa. The visa you want to renew has to be in the same category.

Also, you don’t have to renew your visa if you still have a valid visa on an expired passport. You are still allowed to travel to the USA using your visa on your expired passport along with a new, valid passport.

Another eligibility criterion for US visa renewal is that you must be a Nigerian citizen with a Nigerian passport who has been issued a US visa or a long term resident of Nigeria who has been previously issued a valid US visa.

People who are not eligible for USA visa renewal include:

  • People who are applying for a US visa for the first time.
  • People whose visas expired more than 12 months ago.
  • People whose visas were revoked or cancelled.
  • People who wish to apply for visas in a different class than they currently hold.
  • People who need to apply for more than one class of visa at the same time.
  • People with lost or expired passports, carrying valid US visas.
  • People who need to apply for skilled work Visas.

Documents Needed for USA Visa Renewal

You would need the following documents to apply for a USA visa renewal;

  • A Valid Passport: If you have an expired passport containing your expired visa, you have to provide that as well.
  • Duly filled visa renewal application form.

USA Visa Renewal Procedure

The easiest way to do this is through the newly introduced Dropbox USA Visa renewal service. This renewal service allows you to apply for a visa renewal without having to attend an interview. The service is however only available for BI/B2 Visa holders, F, H and L visa holders.

To apply simply;

  • Visit the nearest GTB bank to you and pay the applicable Machine Readable Visa fees for the class of Visa you want to renew.
  • Visit the USA embassy website to fill the DS160 Visa application form and then download and print the application confirmation page. Ensure that you keep your receipt and confirmation page print-out.
  • Visit the CGI visa appointment website for the US mission to Nigeria and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the top right side of the screen. Answer all the questions and if you qualify, you would be able to print out an application confirmation sheet with details of when to submit your application to the DHL facilities in Lagos or Abuja.
  • Choose your preferred pick-up location for your passport in case you qualify.

Ensure that all the details you provide are correct, including passport numbers, email addresses and telephone and your visa would be returned to your specified location within 7 to 10 business days.