What Happened To Ann Margaret Husband Roger Smith? Everything About The Actress Family

Ann Margaret’s actor husband Roger Smith gave up his acting career after he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. 

Ann Margaret Is an Actress, who once dated the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. But she never got involved in scandals after her marriage to Roger Smith.

The two times Oscar-nominated actress came into the limelight following the reminiscence of her past life and the news about her now at 80.

What Happened To Ann Margaret Husband Roger Smith?

Ann Margaret’s husband Roger Smith was suffering from a terminal illness called myasthenia gravis.

Following the battle with his health issues, he succumbed to it in 2017 and thus left the world at the age of 84.

According to Variety, Roger took his last breath at Sherman Oaks Hospital on June 4, 2017. And, the cause of his death is given as complications from myasthenia gravis. It is actually a rare neuromuscular disorder that causes the skeletal muscles’ weakness, which in turn, worsens after periods of activity.

The 77 Sunset Strip actor Roger even retired from his professional acting career following his severe illness in 1980.

About Ann Margaret and Roger Smith’s relationship, they had been married together for 50 years. She tied the knot to then-famous actor Smith in 1967.

Some of his acting credits include Man of a Thousand Faces, Mr. Roberts, No Time to Be Young et cetera.

Ann Margaret Children Details

Ann Margaret has no children of her own, but she does have three stepchildren from her marriage with Smith.

Well, she parents her deceased husband Roger Smith’s three children; one daughter Tracy and two sons Dallas and Jordan Smith. Even now, she shares a close bond with her step-children and plays the role of grandmother to their kids.

It is found that the actress has been vocal about her pregnancy complications in the media before.

Actually, it’s not that she did not want to have kids or anything but she had difficulties getting pregnant and struggled to get pregnant for more than one decade. Similarly, Margaret even attempted to conceive for thirteen years using various fertility methods but to no avail.

As a child, Ann already discovered her knack for performing and pursued her dream when she grew up.

What Is Ann Margaret Net Worth?

Ann Margaret’s net worth is listed as $20 million by Celebrity Networth.

Obviously, with her participation in more than 85 dramas, movies, or TV series, she must have amassed a good amount of earnings.

Her upcoming television movie called A Holiday Spectacular is under post-production and will be released soon in 2022.