Who Is Aaron Judge Brother John Judge? Family Details Explored

Aaron Judge has an older brother whose name is John Judge. Aaron & John were both adopted by their parents. Even though Aaron does not have the same blood as his brother, they are still very close.

Aaron loves his brother John & looks up to him as a teacher. He takes inspiration from his brother, John & both of them are extremely close to one another.

John works as a teacher just like his parents. He used to be an English tutor in Korea. John is very passionate about helping others & loves to teach.

Aaron Judge’s parents’ names are Wayne Judge & Patty Judge. Even though Aaron was adopted, he does not find any problem with that & loves his family dearly.

Judge’s friends started questioning why he did not look like his parents when he was in school, which made him prompt the question to his parents.

His parents then explained that he was adopted for the first time. However, Aaron does not know who his biological parents are.

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Aaron Judge And His Brother John Judge Age Gap 

Aaron Judge is currently 30 years old. However, John’s age has not been released to the public yet. But considering John is their older brother of Aaron, they should have a few years of the age gap.

Even though Aaron is the youngest in the family, his brother, John, is very proud of all his accomplishments & loves Aaron very much.

Both the judge brothers are extremely close to one another & are often seen together out in public. John also loves to attend his younger brother’s matches.

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Explore Aaron Judge Net Worth

As of 2022, Aaron Judge has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He has a yearly salary agreement of $17 million with The New York Yankees. 

Judge is a very talented player & has assisted his team to victory several times. He made his first debut in Major League Baseball in 2016.

He has had a pretty steady career as a baseball player ever since. Judging from Aaron’s lifestyle, he seems to be living a comfortable & satisfactory life with his career earnings.