Who Is Adrien Bocquet? What To Know About The Former Military And Political Analyst

The Former Military, Adrien Bocquet’s Biographie

Adrien Bocquet has served in the French Military as a Commando Rifleman since 2008. In 2010, Adrien suffered a severe spinal injury that refrained him from getting back on his feet during military training. 

Confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Bocquet was given the position of a health worker in the Ministry of Armed Forces, where he worked for two years, from 2010 to 2012.

He was later appointed as the Aeronautical Storekeeper of Specialized Armaments till 2016.

He was promoted as the Official of the Department of Defense before he retired from his military profession.

After leaving his military career behind, Adrien joined Paris Web TV as a Specialist Consultant in 2018. 

Meanwhile, he also founded and served as the President of the organization Handjeuns, an association for families of young people with physical disabilities. 

What happened to Adrien Bocquet? About The Tragic Accident

In 2010, at the age of 21, Adrien Bocquet suffered a severe spinal injury during combat training in the Military. For two years, he was completely paralyzed and underwent numerous medications and treatment, but to no avail.

He has described the last decade as the worst years of his life and stated that he had reached a point where Bocquet wanted to end his life.

His pain was so intense that doctors did not know what to do. They dosed him with large amounts of Morphine, hoping to elevate the pain. 

In an interview with Hautes-de-France, he said, “I was in therapeutic failure in terms of pain. Morphine, morphine, they didn’t know what to give me any more“.

However, Adrien started a new life after undergoing the triple spinal neurostimulator in 2021. 

The successful surgery has brought the former military back on its feet again. 

Adrien Bocquet’s Net Worth

The former military, Adrien Bocquet, is expected to have a decent net worth. As a former military official, his annual income can be assumed to have been around $40,000-$60,000.

He currently works as a Specialist Consultant on a leading media channel in Paris, where he is expected to earn at least $50,000 yearly.

He also runs an organization named Handjeuns devoted to helping young individuals like himself and their families start a new life.

He has been an inspiration for many young people who have suffered similar trauma. He has also published a book titled “Lève Toi et marche”, which means “Get up and Walk,” available on Amazon.