Who Is Anuja Joshi Twin Sister Aneesha Joshi? Meet ‘The Resident’ Season 5 Cast On Instagram

Anuja Joshi’s twin sisters’ appearance on the show The Resident has stirred a lot of excitement for the fans. They are curious to know about the twin sister. Learn who she is?

The Resident is returning to Fox with more of Season 5 following a brief hiatus for the MLB World Series, but the medical drama will not continue where it left off after Nic’s death.

A four-year time leap places all of the protagonists at different stages of their lives than when they were last seen, and for one doctor, this means a family member is in town.

Padma, Leela Devi’s sister, pays a visit, and fans will see The Resident regular Anuja Joshi co-starring with her real-life twin sister, Aneesha Joshi. And fans will get to see quite a bit of her!

Who Is Anuja Joshi Twin Sister Aneesha Joshi? Age And Wikipedia Explored

Aneesha Joshi, age 28, is a promising dancer and actress raised in the United States but is now residing in Mumbai.

Aneesha aspires to be one of the many new artists bridging the gap between Indian and American arts and entertainment and fostering cultural dialogue.

Raised in an artistic household, she was exposed to music, dance, and movies from when she could remember, thanks to her father and a relative.

She was born into a film family, so it was unavoidable that she would receive an artistic education as part of her upbringing. Her education shaped her love for dancing and acting.

Aneesha Joshi Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Aneesha Joshi is not married, so having a husband is out of the question.

Also, Aneesha seems hesitant about talking about love relations. There isn’t much information about her on the subject, and she hasn’t even dropped any hints about potential partners.

It seems like she is submerged deep in her love for the arts, so having a husband or a partner is far out of her sight.

Her passion for dancing began at four when she joined ballet, jazz, Bharatnatyam, and Kathak courses. Her parents wanted to ensure that she would have a comprehensive education in dance if she decided to pursue dance.

Meet Her On Instagram

Anneta Joshi is quite popular on Instagram. She even has a blue tick, aka verified sticker, given to verified public figures.

To date, she has amassed a huge following of 148k followers. In her IG bio, she has shared that she is a professional dancer and actor.

She is also very active on the platform, posting nearly once every two days or more. Recently, she shared that she was happy to have a guest appearance on the show Residence, where her sister is one of the main cast members.

Because of Aneesha Joshi’s casting, The Resident may explore a twin narrative for Leela without forcing Anuja Joshi to portray two similar characters. Viewers won’t have to worry that the sisters’ plotline will end after only one episode.

According to Deadline, Aneesha Joshi has already been promoted to recurring status as Padma Devi. She was originally scheduled to appear as a guest star in the first episode of Season 5 following the time leap.