Who Is Audrey Lorber? Staten Island Teen Arrested For Drugs Charges

An American teen named Audrey Lorber’s 2019 capture in Russia for weed ownership has reemerged on the web with correlations with the new capture and condemning of b-ball star Brittney Griner.

As of late, Americans are censuring the nine-year sentence given to Brittney Griner, contrasting it with Lorber’s capture. However at that point, the Pheonix Mercury player was captured with simply 0.70 grams of CBD oil in her vape, while Loeber was gotten with 19 grams of recommended maryjane.

Be that as it may, it tends to be credited to the time the two episodes happened. Lorber was captured in 2019 when Donald Trump was the US President and had a decent connection with Vladimir Putin. Griner’s capture is in 2022 with Joe Biden, who put sanctions bills focusing on Russian oil and exchange, as the president.

Who Is Audrey Lorber? Staten Island Teen Arrested For Weed Possession Audrey Lorber is an American lady from Staten Island who was captured in Russia for cannabis ownership in 2019. Her case was a subject of conversation after the new nine years condemning that WNBA star Brittney Griner got for weed ownership.

In July 2019, Audrey and her mom, Rochelle Lorber, were making a trip to Russia on an excursion when the previous was gotten with 19 grams of cannabis by the Russian police.

As per the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg, Audrey was captured for endeavoring to import pot bought in the US into Russia. She had a solution for clinical maryjane in the US and had reports to demonstrate it. Nonetheless, it was not legitimate in that frame of mind, as per an assertion.

Audrey Lorber Jail Sentence And Charges Audrey Lorber was imprisoned in Russia for the ownership of weed. She was condemned to close to two months in prison and fined 15,000 rubles, comparable to about $375.

Lorber, a teen around then, was charged by the Russian Law against weed ownership. The law’s Russian nickname is meant “individuals’ article” because of the quantity of individuals imprisoned for its infringement. It was accounted for that a fourth of all detainees in Russia are detained for drug-related wrongdoings.

The youngster’s mom, Rachelle, was with her while she was captured in Russia. They were partaking in an excursion in various urban communities of the country. Rachelle’s Facebook contains pictures of the mother-girl couple appreciating in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The Lorbers were partaking in an Ed Sheeran show in Spartak Moscow arena and Sleeping Beauty in Bolshi Theater only days before the capture. After different endeavors to free her, Audrey was at long last set free from a Russian jail in September 2019.

Where Could Audrey Lorber Now be? The ongoing whereabouts of Audrey Lorber are not known. Be that as it may, she is accepted to be completely safe in the United States.

Lorber was securely set free from a Russian jail and brought to the United States back in 2019. She proceeded to carry on with a daily existence after the occurrence and, surprisingly, moved on from school with a 4.0 GPA in May 2021.

Rochelle, Audrey’s mom, posted an image on Facebook saluting her girl for her exceptional scholarly presentation. Audrey herself was likewise dynamic on Facebook as of late as July.

Individuals on Twitter are looking at the capture of Brittney and Audrey as both were connected with drug ownership. 31-year-old Griner was indicted for sneaking 0.7 grams of THC, condemned to 9 years, and fined a million rubles.

In any case, 19-year-old Aubrey Lorber was seen as at fault for sneaking 17 grams of THC into Russia and was delivered following two-month detainment and fined 15,000 rubles.