Who Is Bramwell Tovey Ex Wife Verena De Neovel? How Many Children Do They Have? Details Here

Verena De Neovel is the ex-wife of the great music composer Bramwell Tovey, who recently passed away. 

A legendary British composer and conductor passed away, leaving his loved ones behind. The sad news has brought much attention to his family, mainly Verena De Neovel, who grieves for his death. 

He had been in the musical world for more than four decades, and within these times, he gained millions of followers who admired him and his music. Many have also known him for music-related TV shows and radio programs. 

Losing such great artists has been a massive loss to the industry and the world. Regardless, his legacy is still there, with inspiration for the coming generation. 

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Who Is Bramwell Tovey Ex-Wife Verena De Neovel? 

Verena De Neovel is the ex-wife of the great composer Bramwell Tovey. She helped survive him along with other family members. 

Verena is mainly known for being the composer’s first wife, who supported him for the long term. However, their relationship couldn’t last long and ended up in divorce. 

Although the ex-couple couldn’t work out their love life, they still seem to have a pretty good bond with no beef. She has lived most of her life lo-profile, keeping her information private. 

Thus, for Tovey’s followers, she remains a topic of interest, following her private life. Either way, besides their broken relationship, they have helped each other a lot whenever needed. 

The ex-pair didn’t mention the reason behind their divorce and how their beautiful relationship turned broken. Nevertheless, after the divorce, both seem to have moved on with life happily. 

And with Bramwell’s sudden death, his past relationships have again come to the public’s attention. 

Bramwell Tovey Children With Verena De Neovel & His Second Wife

Bramwell Tovey had three children from his ex-wife Verena De Neovel and his second wife, Lana Penner. His little kids are grown up, and they helped him survive to the end. 

Tovey shares a son named Ben with his former wife, Verena. He is an ex-guitarist from the metal band Rise To Remain, which split up.

Further, Bramwell married Lana and shares two daughters, Jessica and Emmeline. He also has grandchildren who love him. The whole family is currently maintaining their privacy while mourning his death. 

Where Is Verena De Neovel Now As Bramwell Tovey Passed Away?

Verena De Neovel now grieves for her ex-husband Bramwell Tovey after he passed away. She has preferred to live a private life for the moment and helped him survive in his life. 

Following Tovey’s death, many have tributed him over the social media platform while sharing his memories and recalling him. 

David Beauchesne, Executive Director of Orchestra, mentioned, “We are all heartbroken. Bramwell Tovey was a dear friend and colleague and a person of uncommon ability, warmth, humor, sincerity, and kindness.”

“The youngest student and most revered guest artist received the same level of his care and attention.”