Who Is Elena Ferrante? My Brilliant Friend Author Fake Death News And Twitter Reacts

A pseudonymous novelist, Elena Ferrante’s fans are worried sick after her death rumors surfaced on the web.

Elena Ferrante is well-recognized for her mind-blowing work in the Neapolitan Novel, a four-book series viz, My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, and The Story of the Lost Child.

However, in one of her interviews, the novelist mentioned that she considered the four-book series as “a single novel,” only published serially. It hit the market with ten million copies, selling across 40 countries.

An American editor and translator, Ann Goldstein, further translated her work into English, “My Brilliant Friend.” The original title of the book is L’amica geniale.

Who Is Elena Ferrante?

Elena Ferrante is a famous pseudonymous Italian novelist who loves to stay mysterious in her life. Regardless of her identity, she has sold millions of copies far and wide.

“Elena Ferrante” is the name used by one of the top novelists to author the book she has written. Despite her popularity, the author has been a mystery since 1992, when her first novel got published.

Still and all, she has given loads of interviews for her novel’s content and analysis. Her fans, who have been excited to know about her personal life, have started different assumptions about the author with several theories.

Over the years, many of her followers and curious people have tried to prove their theory of her identity. In 2013, James Wood summarized the article, trying to find more about her while collecting the letters from the volume.

Wood mentioned that “she grew up in Naples, and has lived for a period outside Italy. She has a classic degree; she “has referred to being a mother…”

Who Is Author Elena Ferrante Partner? Meet Her Husband

Author Elena Ferrante is assumed to be married and have children in her family. However, with the author’s secret identity, and her personal life, her personal life information remains questionable.

Regardless of picking up different theories, people have somehow found her personal life connection with Anita Raja and her husband, Domenico Starnone, author and journalist.

Also, following up on her books, many of her curious followers have claimed that she has two daughters who separated from their father.

Either way, her admirers are still on the mission to find her identity while the author has perfectly sealed herself. Her fans hope that to get close to the novelist someday in the future.

Find Elena Ferrante Wikipedia- Family Facts On Novelist

Elena Ferrante’s Wikipedia page has described herself as a pseudonymous Italian novelist. She has been active in the field since 1992 for around three decades.

As the author has kept her identity hidden to the present day, her family facts got concealed with it. Nevertheless, her followers have come up with different theories following up on her book’s volume.

An Italian novelist and philologist, Marco Santagata, concluded his theory on the author, mentioning that the author previously lived in Pisa but then left there by 1966. He believed that the probable novelist is Neapolitan professor Marcella Marmo.

Elena Ferrante Fake Death News Was A Hoax

Elena Ferrante’s fake death news appears on the internet as Italian publisher Sandro Ferri confirms her passing away information. However, it is only a hoax created by a fake account.

New Republic staff writer Alex Shephard debunked the fake news of the death hoax on Twitter, stating, “FYI this is our Italian friend Tomasso Debenedetti. Elena Ferrante is fine and is probably hanging out in the Amalfi coast or something.”

He further updated his Twitter, “Just to be absolutely 100 percent clear: Elena Ferrante is not dead. The account saying she is dead is fake.”