Who Is Ginger Schmidt On Battlebots? Everything On Tantrum Co-Captain

Ginger Schmidt is an engineering student who recently took part in Battlebots and also won the title. More about the star is discussed in the section below.

Ginger Schmidt is the first woman to win the Giant Nut at Battlebot. She is really thankful to her teammates as well as it was possible because of all of their hard work.

She expressed her gratitude through her Instagram post.

Find her over there through her username, @gingerschmidtt, where more than 1400 users follow her.

Tantrum Co-Captain: Who Is Ginger Schmidt On Battlebots? Wiki

Ginger Schmidt is a rising senior at Harvey Mudd pursuing a B.S. in Engineering. As of now, she does not have any information on Wikipedia.

However, she is available on different social media handles.

Her expertise includes mechatronics, mechanism design, controls, and robotics.

She is a member of the LAIR Underwater Micro Glider crew.

Ginger is also a tour guide and a member of the 5C women’s frisbee team outside of LAIR.

More about the star is yet to be known, as she has not revealed any personal details about herself.

How Old Is Ginger Schmidt Age?

Ginger Schmidt looks like she is somewhere in her early 20s although she has not revealed anything much about her actual date of birth.

She is a very smart kid and is in love with books. Likewise, the star also loves traveling and exploring new places.

She is also very active on her social media handle and posts most of the things happening in her life.

Moreover, details about how tall Ginger might be is yet to be known, but looking at her it looks like she stands somewhere at 5’4 or maybe more than that.

Hopefully, we will get to know more about Ginger soon.

Ginger Schmidt’s Parents And Family

Ginger Schmidt grew up with her parents and loved ones, although she has not shared anything much about her family.

Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt always supported their daughter in every decision she took. Likewise, they must be very proud of her achievement right now as she recently won the Giant Nut at Battlebots.

Likewise, there are lots of other things she has yet to achieve.