Gottalovealex Age: How Old Is He?

Born in the year 2004, Gottalovealex’s actual age is 17 years old, as of the November of 2021.

He celebrates his birthday on the 10th of October every year with her family, friends, and beloved ones.

Furthermore, considering his day and month of birth, we could verify that his zodiac sign is Libra.


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Who Is Gottalovealex Girlfriend?

Gottalovealex girlfriend bio is out of the limelight at the moment on the internet.

Neither he nor any media personal has disclosed anything regarding his love life.

Considering his age, we might assume that he does not possess a partner or girlfriend, but, we just could not consider until he reveals anything.

However, going through YouTube, we found out that he has a girlfriend and she used the n world publicly, but, we are quite not sure about it.

Furthermore, if in the near future, he disclosed any personal detail, then we will definitely update it as soon as possible.

Is Gottalovealex On Insta?

Gottalovealex is active on Instagram, where he has a total of 211k followers with just 9 posts in it.

He has followed more than 1k users and operates his account under the username of @gottalovealexx.

Furthermore, the TikTok star possessed around 1.1m followers with 29.3 million likes on his official account. He goes by the name @youcantfindalex on the platform.

Apart from this account, he does have another account that he runs on the name of @gottalovealex.

Gottalovealex Real Name

Gottalovealex is just a stage name and his real name could be Alex. Most of the people also know him as Youcantfindalex.

But, the influencer has not revealed his full name publicly to date. Who knows, he might reveal in the near future if he hits a couple of millions of followers.

TikTok Star Gottalovealex Details, Bio

TikTok star Gottalovealex has been known for his short-form POV lip-syncing content from which he has gathered a million followers. His bio and details are all over the internet.

Apart from his content, people recognized him for his distinctive wavy haircut.

Furthermore, Gottalovealex resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his parents and family. He possessed a younger brother as a sibling.

Taking about his TikTok account content, he has varieties of content; from a face paint video to riding a giant wheel and he has much more to offer.

According to some sources, he is currently studying in a school. However, we do lack info about the name and address of it.