Who Is Jason Greathouse? Enterprise Alabama Pastor Who Was Convicted Of Rape Gets Probation

Who is former Enterprise Alabama pastor Jason Greathouse? To know everything about his rape accusations and charges, keep reading.

Jason Greathouse is a Tennessee-based former pastor.

His ex-wife, Ashley Pereira, accused him of rape in 2020, and recently the Coffee County Circuit Judge Jeff Kelley made the verdict.

Who Is Pastor Jason Greathouse From Enterprise Al?

Jason Greathouse is a former pastor with a history of ministering to the Enterprise, Alabama, one of the many towns within Coffee County.

As per the reports, his age is 39 years. So, his date of birth is sometime in 1982.

Jason hasn’t spoken a lot about his personal information including, educational qualifications and professional activities. However, there are a few Linkedin pages under the same alias.

Jason Greathouse Wife

Jason Greathouse hasn’t disclosed his current relationship status, but we know of his ex-wife, Ashley Pereira.

His ex-wife is a businesswoman and an up-and-coming actress, currently living in Tennesse. Her acting credits include the award-winning film, All Light Will End.

In 2008, 24-year-old Jason raped and impregnated Ashley, a teenager (14 years old). Living together with Ashely’s family, he had sexual relations with her. The relationship led to her pregnancy and eventual marriage forced by her family. However, the two divorced by 2009.

The ex-couple have been in a constant feud over the custody of their teenage daughter. After failing three times, she charged her former husband with rape.

Jason Greathouse Rape Charges

Jason Greathouse got charged with rape for which, he got sentenced to 20 years. Posting a $30 thousand bond, he got bail.

Then, he offered a plea bargain with Coffee County District Attorney Tom Anderson to downgrade his sentence to one-year unsupervised probation.

The bargain was successful, and his second-degree rape charge, a felony, got reduced to a misdemeanor. So, he won’t be in jail. In addition to that, the agreement also states that he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender. However, the judge forbids him from contact with his ex-wife except with the matters of their child.

The rape, which occurred 13 years ago, posed a challenge to the prosecutors. Hence, the plea bargain was in the best interests of both parties. The judge even stated that if the incident went on trial, it would have resulted in a mistrial or a not guilty verdict (jury nullification).

Jason’s attorney, David Harrison, felt satisfied with the agreement, but Ashley wasn’t.