Who Is Lydia Meredith On Survivor? Wikipedia Details

Lydia Meredith hopes to become the sole survivor on Season 42 of Survivor, premieres on March 9. She has not been featured on Wikipedia, even though she already has nine acting credits under her belt. 

She is afraid of vacuum cleaners and can’t be in the room when someone starts to vacuum. According to Lydia, Kristin Wiig is her role model because she is hilarious, adaptable, and writes.

Most of all, she paves the way for herself and does not wait for others to hand things.  

She hopes to be perceived as a fun-loving sister and use it to her advantage. She is from Fredericksburg, Virginia. However, she currently lives in Santa Monica, California. 

What Is Lydia Meredith Age? What Is Her Job?

Lydia Meredith is currently 22 years of age and is employed as a waitress for the time being. 

Lydia is also an actress, with credits including Santa Girl (2019), Beast Beast (2020), and Catching Up. She has worked as an actor, writer, server, and bartender, among other things.

She enjoys writing comedic pieces. Her interests include attending music festivals, roller skating, and going to the movies alone.

She began her career as a commune dancer on the film Rise of the Fellowship in 2013, when she was about 14 years old. She has been involved in nine projects since then, including Survivor Season 42.

Is Lydia Meredith On Instagram?

Lydia Meredith is her bubbly, chirpy warm self on her Instagram handle @lydia_meredith. Her bio indicates that she is a fan of the Muppets.

Her 5.1K followers are always in for a treat because her goofy pictures and poses never fail to make them smile. Her quirky and witty captions reveal that she is a writer.

She is also active on Twitter.