Who Is Richie Merzian? UN Climate Change Representative Wikipedia Bio

Richie Merzian is a newly appointed director of the Climate & Energy Program at Australia Institute.

Richie was the previous Australian Government representative at the UN climate change conference. He spent over ten years working on local and global climate and energy agendas at the Department of Climate Change and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Richie’s name is circulating on the internet when he claimed that introducing fuel efficiency requirements is a simple strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save drivers money at the pump on the sky news channel’s live interview.

Let’s know more about the former Australian representative.

Who Is Richie Merzian? UN Climate Change Representative Wikipedia Bio

Richie Merizan is the director of the Climate & Energy Program at The Australian Institute.

He served as Australia’s chief negotiator on adaptation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. He helped to organize the UN-backed Green Climate Fund Board while Australia was head of the conference.

He was a former representative of the Australian Government at the UN Climate Change Conference. For over ten years, Richie worked for the Australian Department of Climate Change and the Department of Foreign Affairs, participating in national and global climate and energy agendas.

Richie assisted in the creation of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) in 2006, and in 2007 he received training from former Vice President Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader. Richie also showed his participation on the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute’s Advisory Committee (ANU).

In 2008, he became the first director of the climate and energy program at The Australia Institute’s think tank. But before taking on this position, he served as Australia’s chief climate change adaptation negotiator and assisted in directing the Green Climate Fund Board. Richie is an expert on Australian climate policy and served as a commentator at COP26 in Glasgow.

According to Merzian, three steps are needed to combat climate change: electrify everything, transition to 100% renewable energy sources, and find how to sequester carbon from the environment.

He promotes effective policy action toward these objectives as director of the climate and energy program at think tank The Australia Institute. He contributes knowledge based on his climate activist and government insider background.

He encourages electricity use by electrifying cars, industries, and homes for the technological fix and urges to limit cutting trees and plant more trees. He insists that this can solve climate change.

6 Facts To Know Richie Merzian

  1. Richie graduated from Sydney University with degrees in law and economics.
  2. Richie is also one of the founding members of the Law Students for a Just Community (LSJC) National Network. This organization combines the skills of just law students around the nation to create large-scale national initiatives of action.
  3. Richie can be seen on TV as the “Eco-Nerd” and Captain of the hit program Nerds FC (season 2).
  4. He was wholly dedicated to taking global action; by 2011, he had taken the leading role as Australia’s UN climate change negotiator.
  5. Richie was one of Australia’s top climate negotiators for the Abbott administration, but the dismal 2013 UN climate conference in Poland prompted him to resign.
  6. He is active on Twitter with around ten thousand followers. He interacts with his followers as @RichieMerzian

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