Who Is Ryan Prosser? Athens NY Man Dies At Phish Centre – What Happened?

Ryan Prosser is the man who died at a Phish concert at Chase Center on October 17. Learn how it all happened. 

Reports said that he fell from four stories and lost his life on the spot. Police still do not have any concrete leads on how he suffered such a deadly fall.

Who Is Ryan Prosser?

Ryan Prosser is a man who died at Chase Center during a Phish concert. He was a railroad engineer who used to live with his dog named Milly.

His friend, Frank Bauer said that they had been close friends since their young age. They both used to work in a pizza shop when they were young. He added that they also co-managed a team in the Red Hook Men’s Softball Over 40 League together.

He mentioned that he was a little surprised to know that his friend would fly across the country to see Phish. He described the deceased as a “deadhead”. He also told that he was like a brother to him.

He was 47 years old when he died. His identity was confirmed by the San Francisco Medical Examiner. He was found by the police after other Phish fans reported that a man was suffering from his injuries..

Athens NY Man Named Ryan Prosser Dies At Phish Center – What Happened?

The news has been all over the internet about an Athens, NY man named Ryan Prosser, who had died at a Phish concert at Chase Center. He was discovered inside the chase center when other fans said that a man was injured.

Officer Grace Gatpandan from San Francisco Police Department mentioned that he did not come into contact with any person or barrier. Thus, they are not sure what led him to fall from such a height.

However, one of the eye-witnesses claimed that he intentionally jumped and that he saw him put his feet on the barrier, stoop up, and just leap. By the time he had realized where he was going, he had already fallen from there.

But his long-time friend denied that he would intentionally jump off a ledge as he had known him for years. But there are yet to gather proof to justify the witness testament as well.

Besides, another fan also fell inside the San Francisco hall after an hour Ryan died. However, he was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.