Who Is Tuukka Rask’s Wife, Jasmiina Rask? A Look At His Family’s Role In His Life

35-year-old Tuukka Mikael Rask is a recently retired Finnish professional ice hockey goaltender.

Rask is best known for his time in the National Hockey League team Boston Bruins. The Toronto Maple Leafs drafted Rask 21st in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. The Maple Leafs traded him to the Boston Bruins in 2006, where he played his entire 15-season NHL career.

The Boston Bruins consider Rask one of the best goaltenders in the team’s history and one of the best Finnish goaltenders of all time. Sports media consider his goalkeeping as the significant reason behind the Boston Bruins becoming the defensive powerhouse it was throughout the 2010s.

As one of the Bruins’ most successful goaltenders, Raask’s tenure with the Bruins saw him winning the Stanley Cup three times- 2011, 2013, and 2019. During the 2013-2014 season, Rask won the Vezina Trophy, an annual award for the best goaltender of the season.

Although he never won the award again, he was a finalist for the 2019-2020 award and won the William M. Jennings Trophy the same season alongside Jaroslav Halak, Slovak goaltender. Rask is also a two-time NHL All-Star Team member.

As a Finnish national team member, he has led them to bronze medals over Team USA twice. Once at the 2006 World Juniors and once at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Here are some stats about the Finnish goaltender:

$20 Million
6 ft 3 in
176 lb
Boston Bruins

Who Is Tuukka Rask’s Wife, Jasmiina Rask?

Tuukka Rask is married to his wife Jasmiina Rask, whom he has been dating since high school.

The two have three beautiful daughters, and the family supported Rask throughout his career, often showing up to games to cheer the goaltender on. His daughters’ names are Vivien, Adelie, and Livia.

According to their mother, when asked by an interviewer if the daughters had taken up hockey, she replied that they were more into dance, and if they wanted to pursue hockey, she would be supportive, but it’s not at the top of her list. The father echoes her words and has claimed that he will support whatever path they choose in life.

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Like her husband, Jasmiina is also Finnish and from southern Finland; the Tampere area is between Nasijarvi Lake and Pyajarvi Lake. Jasmiina can speak fluent English but is quite famous for her strong Finnish accent.

Jasmiina lived with Tuukka in Boston throughout his tenure with the Bruins, and the goaltender has repeatedly gushed about his wife to the press.

How Did Married Life Affect Tuukka Rask’s Career?

Tuukka and Jasmiina Rask were together for all of Tuukka’s Bruins career, and her support strengthened his drive.

By his retirement, Rask was among the best statistical goaltenders in the history of the NHL and hockey. Rask holds the Boston Bruins record for regular season games played and wins: 564 and 308, respectively. He also holds the playoff record for games played and wins: 104 and 57, respectively.

Rask held the NHL record for most consecutive playoff games above the 0.900 saved percentage mark when he eclipsed 23 games during the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs. He is also the only modern goaltender in NHL history never to lose a Conference Finals game.

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Outside of the NHL, he ranks among the all-time top Finnish and European goaltenders. Amongst Finnish goaltenders, Rask comes first in both save percentage and goals against average, second in shutouts, and fourth in wins. Amongst European goaltenders, he is second only to Czech goaltender Dominik Hasek in save percentage, fourth in goals saved above average, and fifth in shutouts.

Throughout his career, Rask was considered a true hybrid goaltender known for economy in his motions. Players and media alike envied his positioning, significantly how he would absorb the puck into his chest rather than reach for it with his hands.

What Is Tuukka Rusk’s Net Worth Now That He Has Retired?

Tuukka Rusk’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million at the time of his retirement.

As a legend in NHL history, Rusk’s net worth is expected. However, it still doesn’t truly represent just how lucrative his career was.

For that, we will have to look at his salary history:

Season Earnings
2007-2008 $850,000
2008-2009 $850,000
2009-2010 $850,000
2010-2011 $1,000,000
2011-2012 $1,500,000
2012-2013 $2,048,780
2013-2014 $6,000,000
2014-2015 $7,500,000
2015-2016 $7,500,000
2016-2017 $7,500,000
2017-2018 $7,500,000
2018-2019 $7,000,000
2019-2020 $6,500,000
2020-2021 $6,500,000
2021-2022 $545,000

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Where was Tuukka Rask born?
    • Tuukka Rask was born in Savolinna, Finland.
  • What is Tuukka Rask’s birthday?
    • Tuukka Rask’s birthday is March 10, 1987.
  • Does Tuukka Rask have any siblings?
    • Tuukka Rask has an older brother: Joonas Rusk, a hockey player.
  • Did they name a wasp after Tuukka Rask?
    • Yes, they named a newly discovered wasp species in Kenya after Tuukka Rask. It’s called Thaumatodryinus tuukkaraski.